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Former patient is grateful for taking first step of recovery at Rogers

05/26/22 11:56:am

Chris says by all accounts he appeared smart, successful, and happy. Yet, he was suffering from intense depression and anxiety and had been overusing alcohol since he was 17.

He tried countless times to get sober by himself only to relapse. It was during a period in his life when he was drinking the most that he considered suicide and even Googled ‘how to kill yourself.’ He was admitted to inpatient care at West Allis that evening.

Chris went on to complete partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment in West Allis, where he addressed his mental health issues and learned about triggers and coping skills.

Now sober for more than one-and-a half years, Chris says he continues to discover who he is without alcohol.

“I’m so different from who I used to be. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without that first step at Rogers,” Chris says.

“I knew he was serious about his recovery,” says Roxanne Ward, who worked with Chris as a therapeutic specialist and is now an addiction counselor. “I remember him searching for ways to change his behavior by incorporating new habits. When I saw him completing a puzzle in the (patient testimonial) video, it hit me that he had really listened. I am truly proud of Christopher, and it’s an honor to continue to help patients.”

Like Roxanne, therapist Andy Moon worked with Chris in the Mental Health and Addiction Recovery intensive outpatient care program in West Allis. Andy remembers Chris’ motivation to get better.

“He put his all into it and was willing to do what we asked,” Andy says. “We talk a lot about mindfulness in my group. It’s a significant part of our protocol, so I wasn’t surprised to hear Chris mention it (in his video). Stories like his are inspiriting and a boost to my morale to keep going.”

Hear more of Chris’ story in the video above.

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