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Former patient credits Oconomowoc team for his comeback story

03/15/23 12:00:pm

Steve says several years of battling health issues, including undergoing heart procedures, led to his struggle with anxiety and depression. He stopped doing things he loved like attending family gatherings, going to movies, and playing with his son.

“At times I would come down in the morning and start crying,” says Steve. “I had no experience with that type of thing, so we had no reference point for what was going on.”

A neighbor suggested to Steve’s wife that he may have been suffering from depression and suggested they should call Rogers.

“What surprised me about the process at Rogers is we went right to work on ‘What do you want to do tomorrow? What’s coming up next week or next month?’” he says. “My treatment team’s goal was to reintegrate me with my family. I wanted to go back to being a husband and a dad and get back to work.”

Steve says the biweekly self-assessments that provide metrics for the patient and treatment team to track his progress were very beneficial in addition to exposure and response therapy.

‘It was difficult, but it was done in a gentle way,” he says.

Steve describes life as being more vibrant and colorful now. He refers to his men’s store not far from Rogers’ Oconomowoc campus as his “comeback story.”

“People often have the mentality of ‘stick it out, tough it out, man up,’” he says. “But it doesn’t have to be that way. I consider myself an overcomer and when I share my story with patients who come in my store I tell them, ‘You can be, too.’”

Elizabeth Erickson, director of clinical services in West Allis, was Steve’s intensive outpatient therapist.

“I’m incredibly proud of Steve and his perseverance,” Elizabeth says. “It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of his journey and to watch him literally take his life back from his anxiety and depression. My mission in treatment is to help others help themselves and lead meaningful lives. Don’t let the fear of ‘what if?’ prevent you from moving past what was or problem-solving for what is. Steve’s story is a great reminder of the importance of living and loving within your values and to dream big!”

Watch the video above to hear more about how Rogers helped Steve rise above. Additionally, visit his store for men’s supplies in downtown Delafield, Wisconsin, and receive a 15% discount by mentioning you work for Rogers.

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