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Former Oconomowoc Eating Disorder Recovery patient says employees saved her life

10/12/22 12:20:pm

Jordan never knew anyone who had an eating disorder before coming to Rogers for treatment, and that made her feel very alone.

She says it wasn’t until she was on death’s door at a hospital that she decided to accept help. She was transferred to inpatient care in Oconomowoc before admitting into adult residential care.

“I didn’t know why I had an eating disorder,” says Jordan. “The team helped me dig deep into my story and the trauma I had experienced.”

Jordan says her team taught her coping skills and challenged her exercise addiction.

“That was hard, but it was what I needed,” she says. “It’s very special how the employees get to know their patients. I wasn’t treated the same as the next person. The team really thinks about what each person needs and what is going to help them.”

Jordan is grateful her therapist helped her open up and feel understood, and she still thinks about all her care team did for her.

“I went with no other way to turn,” she says. “The Eating Disorder center saved my life and gave me the tools that I needed to work through recovery. I will forever be thankful for Rogers.”

“It’s very exciting to learn that things have been going so well for Jordan,” says Brad Smith, MD, medical director, Oconomowoc campus and Eating Disorder Recovery. “Recovery is very hard work, not only while in a treatment program, but also in the path afterward. Jordan choosing that path to recovery and realizing she was not alone has clearly resulted in positive changes.”

Watch the video above to hear more about how Jordan found hope and healing at Rogers.

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