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Former OCD, Anxiety, and Depression patient says Rogers’ treatment made him more content

01/16/24 05:30:pm

Craig says his decades-long battle with OCD and anxiety started in childhood. As his struggle continued into adulthood, his need to have everything in its place caused a lot of tension in his family.

Craig credits his wife’s support with enabling him to receive residential treatment and says his individualized care plan gave him the right start.

“I was very driven,” says Craig. “Rogers tailored my program to slow me down first. They saw I was too high strung and on the move all the time.”

Although it was difficult to be away from his family, Craig says his time at Rogers was an investment in better days with them.

“I’m happier and more easy-going,” he says. “When I go to bed, I feel like a different person.”

“It’s great to hear about Craig’s success,” says Nicholas Mahoney, DO, program medical director of OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Adult Residential Care in Oconomowoc. “His story really demonstrates how people can reestablish control of their lives through our treatment. The process can be challenging, but Craig’s accomplishment can provide hope to others with similar struggles.”

Click the video above to hear more of Craig’s journey.

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