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Former OCD and Anxiety patient, Jill, shares how residential treatment taught her to be kind to herself and face her fears

10/17/23 07:00:pm

Jill says she always had anxious tendencies, but she lacked the language to talk about it. As she got older, she became aware of how intrusive thoughts were becoming too overwhelming to deal with.

“It’s amazing how much one’s own brain can get in the way when there is disordered thinking,” says Jill.

Jill was taken aback when the psychiatric nurse practitioner she was working with recommended she seek treatment at Rogers for OCD.

“I was like many other people in the world who have a complete misunderstanding of what obsessive compulsive disorder is,” she shares.

Jill went to Rogers in Nashville and when her therapist realized she needed a higher level of care, she reluctantly agreed to go to Oconomowoc for residential treatment. It’s there that Jill learned how to change her negative self-talk and sit with her fears.

Scott_Pierce.jpgNashville behavior specialist Scott Pierce says it’s rewarding to hear Jill is maintaining progress.

“It was a privilege to be able to work with Jill and her family on both sides of her residential journey,” says Scott. “She made tremendous change in her time with us. In the end, Jill saved herself and took her life back. I’m truly touched to hear of Jill’s gratitude for her experience at Rogers and to know that her success continues.”

Heather_Parker_cropped.jpgHeather Parker, Rogers Operating System deployment leader, was Jill’s therapist in residential care.

“When Jill came into treatment, I remember seeing an incredible individual who was determined to live the life she wanted,” says Heather. “OCD and anxiety were robbing her of that. I look forward to seeing what Jill can do moving forward with the determination she had throughout treatment. I’m happy she continues to put herself and her recovery first.”

Click the video above to hear Jill and her husband share their journey.

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