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May program additions

05/02/17 09:01:am

Rogers has three notable program additions planned for May 22:

  • PA.jpgPhiladelphia: Rogers adds a sixth state of operations with the opening of Rogers Behavioral Health—Philadelphia. Programming includes OCD and Anxiety services for adults, children and adolescents, and FOCUS Mood Disorders services for adults and adolescents. Our second Anxiety and Mood Disorders in Autism Spectrum Disorder partial hospital program and our first addiction programming outside of Wisconsin are expected to follow in coming months. Martin Franklin, PhD, is clinical director, with Brian Haney as director of operations.

  • MNexterior3.jpgMinneapolis: Our first Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) partial hospitalization program outside of Wisconsin opens, led by Tracey Lichner, PhD, clinical director, who has a specialty interest in PTSD. We are also adding intensive outpatient programs for OCD and Anxiety for both adults and children and adolescents, and FOCUS Mood Disorders for adults. Eating disorder services for children and adolescents are expected this summer.

  • Oexterior.jpgOconomowoc: Pending state approval, we’ll open an additional six residential treatment beds on the new East Wing of the FOCUS Adolescent Mood Disorders Program. We hope to add six more beds eventually to this beautifully renovated section of the main building, adjacent to the original 12-bed center which opened March 2016. For Oconomowoc area staff, there is an Employee Preview from Noon to 3:30 pm on Wednesday, May 17.

Additional expansions are underway for later this summer. Watch next month’s Insight for updates.

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