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The compassion of our Focus care team helped patient live life to the fullest

03/21/19 09:35:am

After trying out several other programs, medications, and therapeutic techniques, one former patient felt defeated by the time she arrived in Focus Depression Recovery Adult Residential Care. However, the kindness that our team showed helped her open herself up and acquire the skills she needed for recovery.

“I arrived at the Focus program at Rogers tired, defeated, and feeling as though I’d tried everything—outpatient treatment, numerous cocktails of medication, in and out of inpatient hospitals for years, even ECT.

I remember sitting on a strange bed and bawling, so sure that I was a lost cause. But from that first moment, I was shown compassion, and kindness, and slowly, I grew. CBT and DBT allowed me to build an arsenal of new skills. Art therapy allowed me to learn to express myself in ways I didn’t know I could. Rec therapy, the ropes course, and community outings all helped me put my new skills to use. Behavioral Activation helped me to reignite my former passions.

My behavioral specialist, Lauren, helped me to talk about and process aspects of my trauma that I had never been able to before. The residential counselor staff went above and beyond, making sure I got lots of walks on the nature trails and keeping me laughing when things were hard. I also was able to get to know strong men and women from all walks of life who shared my struggles.

Now, two years later, I am free of all my previous self-harming behaviors. I will be graduating college in December with plans to teach middle school special education and attend graduate school, I coordinate a summer camp, and I am in a happy and stable relationship—something I never thought would be possible. Rogers truly showed me that I have a life worth living and I am proud to be living it to the fullest.

My most heartfelt thanks to all the staff who believed in me, and helped me to believe in myself.”

Our treatment teams don’t always get to know how someone does after leaving Rogers, but the team that provided this former patient with care was “thrilled to learn that she is doing so well in her recovery.” See their full statement below.

“It is a gift to learn that she is doing well and that she has been able to actualize many of the goals that she set for herself while in this program. The work that we do here is undoubtedly a team effort: looking through the various lenses of CBT, DBT, AT, RT, and all other components of treatment, we share the same mission in helping people on their path to recovery. She worked with several staff members at Focus, all of whom believe very deeply about the work being done in this organization. Her reflection speaks nicely to the benefits of accessing interdisciplinary care within a milieu setting. We thank her not only for taking the risk to invest herself within Rogers, but also the willingness to share her progress. We hope that others are able to see the power of our community and trust that progress takes time, and change is possible. We wish her the best and empower her to continue playing an active role in her recovery!”

~Multiple members of the Focus care team

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