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Wisconsin mom travels to Tampa for Rogers ASD program

10/25/18 11:56:am

It’s not uncommon to hear how a family traveled across the country to attend one of Rogers’ residential treatment programs in Oconomowoc. In our Mission Moment, a family from Brookfield, WI, made an incredible sacrifice to attend a unique outpatient program in Tampa.

In the video above, hear how a mother found hope for her daughter, who was dealing with the challenges of autism spectrum disorder and co-occurring anxiety, OCD, and depression.

This program addressing anxiety and mood disorders for those with autism spectrum disorder is now available in Skokie, and San Francisco East Bay.

This isn’t the only family that has found hope in one of our ASD programs. Read our blog telling the story of Kim and her son Cole, who traveled from Tennessee to Tampa to find relief from the challenges of OCD and anxiety.

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