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Why Rogers?

04/06/17 06:49:am

Nashville-group-shot-please-use-both-for-Why-Rogers.jpgNashville team offers support to a colleague in time of need

When Yolanda Johnson had to have surgery and be on leave from work at Rogers-Nashville, the clinic assistant’s co-workers stepped up and decided to do a food train.

Monica Robertson, director of operations, shares, “there was a document placed on the Q: drive, where staff could sign up on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays for about five weeks, to bring food to Yolanda’s home. Some ate dinner with her, stayed and watched a movie, or just simply sat and spent time with her. All levels of staff were involved, including the medical director, director of operations, clinical director, as well as other disciplines within the clinic. We sent cards and flowers from Rogers. She has received numerous telephone calls and is truly thought about.”

Nashville-Helping-Yolanda.jpgYolanda says she’s overwhelmed by all the support and love. “Words can’t describe how I feel about the Nashville team and what they’ve done for me with all the meals and visits. It’s something I never expected, shares Yolanda. “I can’t ask for a better group of people to work with.”

I truly feel like Rogers is more than just a place to work,” adds Monica. “It reflects a culture that supports one another not only in the workplace but outside of the workplace as evidenced by the awesome things that were done for our colleague. This truly shows why Rogers as well as why not Rogers! This shows appreciation for the work that others do day in and day out, and it also shows that your team members are cared about not only when they are performing well at work, but even when they can’t. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this team. Team Nashville is AWESOME!”

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