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Updates on the rebranding process

09/17/19 03:46:pm

rogers logo 1000x625.jpgIt has been a few months now since we began the process of fully rebranding our system as Rogers Behavioral Health. Thanks for your assistance and patience as we complete the remaining rebranding processes:


We’re happy to say that redesigned employee badges with the new Rogers logo should be coming soon to all Rogers locations who have not yet received them. Regional sites that have not yet received their badge should receive them sometime in September. Clinic leaders will distribute the badges and collect existing ones.

For the hospital campuses and outpatient centers in Brown Deer, Oconomowoc, and West Allis: new badges will be distributed during this year’s Health and Wellness Fairs. At this time, old badges will also be collected. Please see dates below.

Brown Deer – October 29 and 30
Oconomowoc – November 4 to 8
West Allis – October 31 and November 1


All patient facing forms are our top priority. Some forms have been updated and the rest will be addressed in the coming month or two. Stay tuned for additional updates.

For those of you who will be updating forms of other Rogers materials, you can find instructions for how to properly insert the Rogers logo by going to the Brand Central page on Rogers Connect and clicking on Word template instructions under Brand documents on the left side of the page.


Internal signage

Marketing is currently working with site leaders to update the regulatory signage and other internal signage with new branding. This process is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year. Wayfinding signage is in the works with our external partner.

External signage

The vast majority of external signage has already been updated. Leaders who see external signage that is outdated or with the old branding information should contact John Blake.


If you see collateral with an outdated logo, please remove it from use and contact the appropriate outreach representative or Katie Zapfel at Kathryn.zapfel@rogersbh.org or 262-646-1189 in Marketing.


Everyone has had the opportunity to order business cards and we will be returning to the former ordering process through Purchasing very soon. For a limited time if you missed the chance to order, please go to the Purchasing page on Rogers Connect and you can also find a link to the form on the Brand Central page. Note the detailed instructions to the right of the form. Business card questions can go to Renae Mutchie at Renae.Mutchie@rogersbh.org.

Email addresses

Everyone in the organization has been moved to the new standard for email addresses of firstname.lastname@rogersbh.org. Because of device memory, we will need to be intentional about using the new email addresses. Please order your business cards using the new email standard: firstname.lastname@rogersbh.org. Note that email addresses will use your full legal name, the name that is in the HR system. Please order your cards using the new email standard. Email addresses are not case sensitive but please enter your address using lower case letters. Email address questions can go to Andy Brandt at Andrew.Brandt@rogersbh.org.


The online store is now available for you to purchase items at Rogers Online Store. This link is also available under Quick Links on Rogers Connect.


The complete updated identity guidelines are now posted in the brand document tree on the Brand Central page. They are full of info on the new brand as well as basic grammar and other tips. You will also find detailed instructions on how to update your email signature in case you have not yet made that change.


Identity guideline questions and other rebranding questions can go to anne.ballentine@rogersbh.org.

Thank you for support and patience throughout this transition.

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