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Thank you letters help experiential therapist know that she and the care team are helping people to Rise Above

06/17/19 10:38:am

riseabove2.jpgRogers team members were invited to submit statements and stories about what it means to help patients rise above the challenges of mental illness and how they and their colleagues help Rogers set the standard for behavioral health care.

The following essay was written by Desiree Sigler, MS, ATR, LPC, experiential therapist:

To represent my perspective of how I have a part in assisting patients with rising above is through thank you letters I have received from patients over the years. I didn’t go into this field to get thank you letters, and still, these letters have a special place in my heart. That inspired me to create an image of a heart that consists of some of those thank you letters to reflect the fullness of my heart reading and hearing the strength our patients have. They are reminders of the successes, challenges, hard work, insight, and moments of patients rising above their challenges of mental illness and addiction through their experiences at Rogers.

I feel humbled and honored to be a part of that journey. This isn’t a single effort of one therapist though, this is a reflection of a treatment team coming together as a whole to support not only the patients but each other. Without that support, compassion, knowledge, and individuality, our teams wouldn’t be as strong as they are, especially on those difficult days that come with working in this field. So thank you to all the staff that continue to empower each other and patients to Rise Above.

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