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Tampa team celebrates five-year anniversary

12/17/19 03:50:pm
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The team in Tampa celebrated the clinic’s five-year anniversary with several events and an open house in early December.

Referring professionals from the community were invited to the open house, which gave them an opportunity to meet with the care team in Tampa, tour the clinical space, and enter to win door prizes.

Scott Johnson, chief operating officer, Midwest and Eastern Region; and Jill Schuetz, director of Human Resources, Regional Division, visited the clinic during the open house and gave five-year keychains to Rogers staff. The two of them also presented certificates to each of the five people who have been in Tampa since it opened.

An employee and family picnic to commemorate the achievement was held in early November at a local park.

The Rogers team members who have been in Tampa for five years share their pride:

“I’m really proud of the work the organization has done in Tampa. Over the last five years, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals get access to evidence-based care that wasn’t really in the community before Rogers arrived. Over the past few years, we’ve not only grown a reputation in Tampa for providing excellent patient care, and we’re also known as a great place to work. We’re starting to have a lot of very prominent providers in our community who started their career here at Rogers. It’s been amazing to get to work with the team here and watch both the site and the organization succeed and grow.” ~Tanner Loren

“I feel very proud and accomplished to be part of the Rogers work family for the last 13 years, five of them at the Tampa location. It has been absolutely an amazing experience to see Rogers expand across the U.S. and to see how many more individuals we are now able to help because of this growth. I strive to continue to spread awareness of the services we have to offer those in need so that they can achieve a healthy, quality well-being and to continue to provide excellent quality care to our clients and their families as a dedicated Rogers team member. Rogers Tampa started off with approximately 14 staff, myself included, and we are now reaching close to 60 staff members! Even with our increased growth, we still have a strong sense of cohesion, and this makes for a great working environment here in Tampa.” ~Tina Sage, LMHC, therapist, child and adolescent partial hospitalization care

“It is amazing—and more than a little humbling—to be part of the team that helps people achieve treatment goals that they and sometimes their outpatient providers never believed possible. In a relatively short span of time, the Tampa team has become a trusted resource for outpatient providers in need of assistance with their clients, for community clinicians seeking consultation or training, for area educators seeking a better understanding of how to recognize signs of anxiety or mood concerns in their students, and for students/interns wanting a unique and valuable practical experience in using evidence-based care. Our team has done something remarkable in proving that the high-quality care for which Rogers is known can be offered on a smaller scale throughout the country.” ~Joshua Nadeau, PhD, clinical director

“I am personally proud to have contributed toward Rogers’ mission of helping children, adults, and their families with mental illness for the previous five years. It has been both a challenging and rewarding few years of growth. Rogers has provided a very needed service in this community. It grew from the idea of Rogers expanding services outside Wisconsin to a successful model of care for other Rogers satellite clinics all over the United States.” ~Amaya Ramos, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist

“It has been amazing to have been part of an organization that is committed to helping those within the mental health community in Tampa. The Rogers approach is something that works, and I’ve been able to see it work for the past five years. It has been very rewarding to see the positive change than can be impacted here. It’s been incredible seeing the growth in Tampa and all the different programs that have been added, allowing us to help that many more people in need. Starting off with a tightknit group to have grown to the size we have but maintain that closeness has been truly a blessing. That feeling of comradery with co-workers on a day to day basis helped this be a success.” ~Matthew McCann, MS, behavioral specialist

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