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Strong system performance continues through Q3 of Fiscal Year 2018

05/30/18 07:34:pm

strategic focus.jpgTo ensure we are accountable to our organizational goals for Clinical Effectiveness, Patient Experience, Compassionate Culture, and Financial Sustainability, Rogers tracks key metrics and shares results on a quarterly basis.

Through the first three quarters of FY18, Rogers continues to serve more patients and improve our quality of care and service.

Clinical Effectiveness​

Rogers is dedicated to providing evidence-based patient treatments that demonstrate the value of our care.

Measure of success

  • CGI score: Clinician-rated assessment of patient severity upon admission and assessment of improvement at time of discharge.  Goal: At least 75% of patients are much improved or very much improved.
  • Through Q3, Rogers Behavioral Health has collected CGI ratings for 9,713 patients.
  • 75% of our patients were “much improved” (57.2%) or “very much improved” (17.7%) by the end of their treatment, as rated by the attending psychologist or psychiatrist. This is up from 70%.

clinical effectiveness.jpg

Patient Experience​

Rogers’ patients and their families will have a positive experience throughout each encounter with our system.

Measures of success

  • Press Ganey patient satisfaction results Goal: 82% or more giving a good or very good likelihood of recommending Rogers
  • Patient days of service, which reflects our patients’ access to high quality care. Goal: 248,832 days

Patient satisfaction results FY18 Year to date

Goal: 82% or more giving a good or very good likelihood of recommending Rogers

Inpatient: 3,212 surveys; 84.8% likelihood of recommending Rogers. (85.5% database mean; 43rd percentile)

Outpatient: 2,193 surveys, 92% likelihood of recommending Rogers. (92% database mean; 46th percentile)

FY18 (Q3)
: 915 surveys; 85% likelihood of recommending Rogers (up from 84.1% in Q2).  (85.5% database mean; 44th percentile)

Outpatient: 740 surveys; 91.5% likelihood of recommending Rogers (down from 91.8% in Q2).  (92% database mean; 41st percentile)


Patient Days of Service


Patient days of service through Q3 = 204,208 days
Target = 196,723 days

Same period fiscal year 2017 = 172,021 (up 18% this year)

Total patient days exceeded goal by 3,022 days, or 4.5% in Q3.  Patient days were up across all service lines.  Fiscal Year to date, patient days are 3.8% above target.   

Compassionate Culture

Rogers is committed to a positive environment with engaged, resilient, and emotionally intelligent team members.

Measures of success 

  • Employee Engagement Survey results Goal: 74% positive response on 7-question index
  • RN turnover Goal: 28% or below

Employee Engagement Results:  Rogers’ 2017 composite score was 73% positive response compared to 75.7 last year. The composite is the average of seven survey questions on satisfaction, pride, and commitment to the job and organization:

  • I am proud to work for Rogers Behavioral Health.
  • I am willing to go beyond the requirements of my job to help the organization succeed.
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your job at the present time?
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with Rogers Behavioral Health as a place to work?
  • I feel a strong sense of commitment to Rogers Behavioral Health.
  • I would recommend Rogers Behavioral Health as a good place to work.
  • At the present time, I am seriously considering leaving Rogers Behavioral Health.

RN turnover: 28% through third quarter

Financial Sustainability​

Rogers operates in a financially responsible manner to ensure we can always continue to meet the needs of our patients and communities.

Measure of success

  • EBIDA (Revenue minus expenses) Annual Goal: $25.2 million


Revenue minus expenses fiscal year through Q3, 2018 = $26.6 million
Target = $16.9 million
Compared to fiscal year 2017 = $18.3 million

Net operating revenue for Q3 (2/1/18 through 4/30/18) exceeded goal by $3.7M, or 7.8%. Expenses were $2.5M over budget, driven by salaries, purchased services, and lease expenses.  As a result, earnings exceeded target by $1.2M in the 3rd quarter.

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