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Several Rogers psychologists publish new articles

06/14/21 10:00:am

journals .jpgCaitlin Pinciotti, PhD, associate research psychologist, was the lead author and Brad Riemann, PhD, chief clinical officer, was a co-author of an article on “Intolerance of uncertainty and obsessive-compulsive disorder dimensions.” It was published this month in the Journal of Anxiety Disorders.

Dr. Pinciotti is also the lead author and Dr. Riemann a co-author of a manuscript titled “Co-occurring obsessive-compulsive and posttraumatic stress disorder: A review of conceptualization, assessment, and cognitive-behavioral treatment.” The article is scheduled to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, of which Dr. Pinciotti is serving as guest editor, in May 2022.

Additionally, an article featuring R. Lindsey Bergman, PhD, clinical director at the Los Angeles clinic, and Joshua Nadeau, PhD, clinical director at the Tampa clinic, was published in May’s Psychiatry Research. The article is on “Knowledge and competency standards for specialized cognitive behavior therapy for pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder.”

Dr. Bergman was also a co-author of a recent article published in Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The article is titled “Flexible Adaptation of Evidence-based Treatment Principles and Practices in an Intensive Outpatient Setting for Pediatric OCD.”

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