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Rogers publishes study on success of inpatient treatment protocols

01/18/23 10:30:am

In a newly published study, several Rogers experts highlighted the positive impact of the organization’s inpatient treatment protocols on the Triple Aim, an initiative to improve healthcare by enhancing patient experience and health and reducing cost.

Published in the International Journal of Clinical Studies and Medical Case Reports, the study was authored by Brad Riemann, PhD, president of philanthropy, research, and clinical care; Rachel Leonard, PhD, executive director of clinical strategy; Jessica Cook, director, Data Analytics; Brenda Bailey, PhD, executive director of clinical services for inpatient and residential services; Dalton Kick, product owner, Data Analytics; Brian Kay, PhD, chief of staff; Jerry Halverson, MD, senior physician executive; and Lynsey Miron, PhD, a former clinical supervisor at Rogers.

The study compared pre- and post-protocol data from nearly 8,000 adult patients between August 2017 and June 2019.

Investigators concluded that the post-cohort had statistically significant increases in satisfaction with groups, likelihood to recommend, and global improvement at discharge, as well as reductions in depression severity, suicide risk, and average length of stay. Reductions in 30-day readmission rate and cost per patient day were also found but were not significant.

“Nearly 10 million people receive inpatient psychiatric treatment in the United States annually and up to 170,000 on any given day,” says Dr. Riemann. “They are in the throes of a mental health crisis and may be particularly vulnerable to adverse mental health outcomes. It is essential that inpatient treatment protocols are identified that maximize clinical impact. We are proud that this study supports that our protocols are successful in helping our patients get better faster.”

Read the study to learn more.

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