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Rogers launches EQ resources to promote employee growth

06/14/21 10:40:am

EQ .pngRogers recently launched several emotional intelligence (EQ) resources to promote the continued development of our EQ and the expansion of that learning to all employees throughout the organization.

“Our patients deserve highly effective, life-saving treatment, and we want to equip our employees with the best opportunity to elevate their performance in providing that treatment,” says Kendra Stea, director of Talent Development.

Therefore, a series of resources are now available for both employees and leaders to utilize in the journey of developing their emotional intelligence. Resources will continue to be added, and in the meantime include:

  • EQ team activities and one-pagers: This is a series of descriptions of each subscale, along with a series of activities managers can do with teams, or individuals can utilize to grow emotional intelligence. This is open to all employees with no assessment required.
  • Practical EQ: A Handbook for Developing your Emotional Intelligence, Part 1 and Part 2: This two-part CBL can be found in the Learning and Performance Portal and is open to all employees with no assessment required.
  • Sample SMART goals: A resource for those who need ideas for how to set a SMART goal for each subscale.
  • EQ Workouts: Available in July, this is a self-directed video/activity driven CBL open to all employees interested in doing more work on their emotional intelligence with no assessment required.

“Well-developed emotional intelligence is integral to maximizing performance in the workplace,” Kendra says. “Rogers recognizes that the development of emotional intelligence is important for our leadership, but also important for all employees.”

For instance, Cindy Cole, director of operations in Hinsdale, says the trainings have proven helpful for her to dig deeper into areas where she can improve, especially when partnered with a coach who has strengths in those same subscales.

“I’m looking forward to the next phase, where we can bring EQ into smaller leadership teams, leveraging our strengths and targeting our lower areas,” Cindy says. “This will benefit us individually and as a team, which in turn will benefit our staff and patients as well.”

Links to the EQ resources are available at the Talent Development EQ Landing Page on Rogers Connect.

For questions about any of the resources or how to use them, contact TD_Support@rogersbh.org, and an EQ facilitator will connect with you.

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