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Rogers holds open house to show off new outpatient center in St. Paul

06/17/19 10:40:am

Rogers’ St. Paul outpatient center celebrated a grand opening on June 11, which saw referring professionals visiting the new addition to the Twin Cities for an open house, tours, and networking, and ribbon cutting.

The St. Paul care team had this to say about what brought them to Rogers and why they’re trilled to see an additional location in the Twin Cities:

leonard.jpgDr. Rachel Leonard, PhD, clinical supervisor

“What I appreciate most about working for Rogers is the evidence-based treatment, attention to data, and using outcomes to inform treatment for each and every patient. It’s also been a great place to grow in my career starting from my practicum in grad school, working as a behavioral specialist, and my post-doc in the OCD program. Then as a psychologist, I was able to partner with a psychiatrist to develop the Focus programs and later worked within the Rogers Improvement System to create the patient workbooks for several programs. Now as the clinical supervisor in St. Paul, I get to merge all of those experiences to ensure that what we’re doing here is fully consistent with models of care as they were developed. This leadership opportunity is the next step in my career development, and I appreciate that there’s room for growth.”

karissa.jpgJulia Kruger, behavioral specialist (left)

“I was very interested in working with the adolescent population, and it’s been really cool to be part of a brand new clinic and get to grow as a team. My favorite part is when I’m teaching behavioral activation and I see the patients just get it. When they see it start to work, you can see them find hope, which is awesome.”

Karissa Vos, behavioral specialist (right)

“I am a big advocate of CBT and love that our evidence-based treatment is focused on a team-oriented dynamic. The patient is supported by an entire team that comes together to provide the best treatment. When I see an exposure making a difference, it’s so rewarding. A recent patient had practiced making eye contact, and it’s already made a huge difference. It’s the best feeling to see someone be able to change.”

coach-nakumbe.jpgCoach Nakumbe, therapist

“I like that Rogers is all about the individuals we treat. CBT combined with exposure therapy allows us to work on the actual behavior that’s at the core of the person’s problem. For example, if someone with an addiction has social anxiety, we can work on helping them interact and ask for help, which makes them more successful in overcoming the addiction.

It’s been a unique experience to start this clinic from scratch together. It’s like a family here.”


gary-gronsted.jpgDr. Gary Gronstedt, MD, psychiatrist

“Rogers has a strong reputation and it was also recommended by a former colleague. Rogers offers the type of patient and family-centered care and evidence-based practice that I was looking for. There’s no one in this area that compares to what Rogers does. The team is very collaborative, and it’s a really good environment to practice in.”



michelle-young.jpgMichelle Young, MS, LPC, therapist

“When I was in private practice, I referred to Rogers in Oconomowoc and West Allis. When those patients were discharged, they had a plan and knew what to do to be able to take charge of their own mental health. I knew they’d be prepared, and now working for Rogers, I get to be part of that. There’s a real need in the St. Paul area for specialized OCD treatment. I’m excited to join a program where when people discharge, the improvement is significant and sustained. I also like hearing from the supporting family that their family member is better. We get feedback that they see improvement in as little as a week. We can see that they trust us and believe that we know what we’re doing. My sense is that all of our employees are passionate; it’s not just a job or career—we put our whole heart in it.”

ordan-solei.jpgJordan Solei, behavioral specialist

“I had heard about Rogers when I worked in Atlanta, so it was super exciting to learn Rogers was coming to St. Paul. As I did my research, the testimonials, videos, and outcomes really stood out to me. I love all my co-workers and it’s been fantastic so far. I especially like knowing my colleagues are so knowledgeable. When we have challenges, we can go to each other and we are able to come up with creative ideas with the best therapeutic potential to maximize outcomes. Everyone is really excited and proud to be part of the original crew.

Seeing kids with anxiety become comfortable inspires me and makes me incredibly proud. What we’re doing here is actually making a difference.”

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