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Rogers Foundation accepting PTO donations through December 1

11/15/22 04:10:pm

PTO_tn.jpgWhile the care provided at Rogers is lifesaving, the stresses of insurance denials, living expenses, home displacement, food insecurity, or lack of weather-appropriate clothing can detract from our efforts and negatively impact treatment results.

The Rogers Foundation provides Angel Fund gifts and Patient Care Grants to ease these burdens for our patients and their families. The support also allows patients to better focus their time and energy on their treatment and the superb care our teams provide.

Interested in helping provide these helpful grants and gifts? Donating your PTO hours is an easy way to ensure funding to the Foundation’s programs.


Your donation of PTO hours will be converted into cash and given to the Foundation. Applicable taxes and withholdings will be applied as required by law. The after-tax amount is your tax-deductible donation. In January, you will receive a letter from the Foundation stating your contribution for your 2022 tax records.

Rogers allows 184 PTO hours to be rolled over into 2023. Instead of losing your PTO, you can help a patient in need.

How to donate PTO hours

Click on the link to complete the ONLINE PTO DONATION FORM by Thursday, December 1.

If you encounter problems opening the form, please email Laura.Miller@rogersbh.org for help.

Eligibility and guidelines

  • A minimum balance of 80 hours of PTO is required in your PTO bank prior to donation.
  • A minimum balance of 40 hours of PTO is required in your PTO bank after donation.
  • The minimum PTO donation is four hours. The maximum PTO donation is 40 hours.
  • You may not donate a specified number of hours per pay period.
  • Employees will not accrue PTO on their PTO donation.

To see the number of PTO hours you have accrued on Kronos:

  1. Log in to Kronos and go to “My Timecard” on the right side of your screen.

  2. Click on the double line and triangle at the bottom of the page to show more content.

  3. Click on the “Accruals” tab at the bottom of the screen to see your PTO ending balance.

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