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Rogers creates cost calculator tool for patients

03/23/21 04:34:pm

cost calc 2.jpgRogers Behavioral Health is launching an online tool to help prospective patients estimate their out-of-pocket costs.

It is expected to launch on Rogers’ website in late March as an easy-to-use form that can be completed in just minutes.

“At Rogers, we believe understanding what care will cost is important to help patients make an informed decision,” says Debbie Case, director of Revenue Cycle and Health Information. “Patients inquiring about out-of-pocket costs can refer to this tool or their insurance company prior to admission.”

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services issued new rules dictating what information needs to be provided to patients and published on hospital websites. The transparency rule requires the costs for shoppable services to be displayed in a consumer-friendly format.

The new tool will be helpful to both patients and employees, as it allows those interested in treatment to factor in insurance and deductibles themselves. It helps with transparency and effectively simplifies a complicated process.

The insurance pricing calculator approximates someone’s contribution to their cost of care by examining information on their insurance provider and treatment details – such as what service line, level of care, and location. The tool was created in a multi-department effort involving Marketing, Patient Financial Services, and CTS.

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