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Rogers awards Success Share bonus at 100%

11/23/21 12:55:pm

Rogers experienced very strong results during the 2021 fiscal year, resulting in the organization paying the Success Share at 100% of budget for all staff. The rate is based on 5% of paid salary for the past fiscal year.

For example, an employee earning an annual paid salary of $40,000 will receive a Success Share (formerly known as Gainshare) bonus of $2,000 based on the rate of 5%.

“Employees continued to provide exceptional care to our patients at census levels not previously seen in our 114-year history,” says Pat Hammer, president and CEO.

In addition to working collaboratively during the pandemic to meet the needs of our patients across the country, Rogers made several accomplishments this past year, including launching new sites in Seattle and Sheboygan, opening the Ladish Co. Foundation Center, implementing ObservSMART technology, and achieving improved satisfaction from our referral sources.

“All those accomplishments happened simultaneously with our work on the Stay Safe initiatives, keeping our employees and patients protected during the pandemic,” Pat says.

Three of our five metric targets were met, which means we achieved at the 86% level. Based on the reasons we missed two targets, however, the Rogers Board of Directors and Senior Leadership approved the full 100% Success Share payout in recognition of our overall exceptional performance considering the pandemic.

Eligible staff will receive a letter with the details of their bonus the week prior to payment, which is anticipated to be no later than December 31. Consistent with all previous years, the Success Share bonus is paid after the annual Rogers financial audit is completed.

Eligible employees are those with a minimum of 500 paid hours within the 2021 fiscal year and who are considered competent and fully compliant with all Human Resources and Talent Development obligations within the required timeframe. They must be active at the time of the annual payout and have not provided notice of resignation.

Looking ahead, the Board of Directors recently finalized the goals and metrics for FY22, which started August 1, 2021 and ends July 31, 2022. See the new metrics here.

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