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Patient's husband writes of her life-changing recovery after inpatient treatment

03/25/20 09:59:am

Upon beginning treatment at Rogers, one former patient and her family were beginning to lose hope. She’d sought inpatient care for her depression before but had not found the relief she needed. However, the care she received from Dr. Tim Levenhagen and the entire team at Rogers would prove to be life changing.

Recently, her husband wrote in to share the impact her treatment had and continues to have on their family:

"About three years ago my wife was in Dr. Levenhagen’s care. It was her third inpatient stay, but her first time in his care. He was instrumental in her healing and quite literally saved her life.

The woman I knew and loved had become a shell of a person, and she was lost in a deep depression. She was unable to function independently and needed help with everyday functions. Eating, bathing, everything. We’d all but given up hope.

Dr. Levenhagen was different. He cared and could see that she was more than what she had become. With his help, she made a miraculous recovery. Six months after her stay, she was back to kayaking and camping. Today, she is the woman I knew, and the woman that Dr. Levenhagen knew, was inside. She has spoken many of times of writing to him, but those days were so dark it stirs up a lot of emotion. I felt I would write on her behalf. Dr. Levenhagen really helped our family."

“I was very moved by those comments,” says Dr. Levenhagen, noting that feedback like this is very powerful. However, he is quick to point out that this patient’s recovery would not have been possible without the efforts of the entire treatment team.

“In all honesty, I think it would have been more accurate to substitute ‘adult inpatient treatment team’ in place of my name. Whatever it is I do, I could not do it without the team’s support.”

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