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Pat Hammer presents Inspire Awards to outstanding achievers

06/20/18 03:27:pm

goldstar.jpgRogers is happy to announce a new recognition called the “Inspire Award.” Recipients are personally chosen by Pat Hammer, president and CEO, from the thousands of recognitions given through Daymaker. This prestigious award includes a certificate, Daymaker Inspire badge, and 5,000 Daymaker points. One Inspire award is given each quarter.

Meet the recipients: 

 Tywanda Gray – PCA, West Allis

“Tywanda, Unit 5 has been challenging this week. I felt the stabilizing force you brought to the Topaz unit, and heard about the support you offered to Jade when that group was presenting big challenges to the regular structured programming. Thank you for being so consistent with setting firm limits with the patients. When they are with you for a day, and I have the group, I see that they understand the expectations, and their other needs are met so they have the best chance at being successful in meeting therapeutic goals. Thank you for all that you do!!”

Past Winners

2017 Quarter 3:

Kim Zimmerman – Lead Housekeeper, Oconomowoc

“Kim had a very busy weekend, making sure the BTTI had everything they needed and taking care of the units. On Sunday an inpatient did a bit of redecorating in his room with chocolate milk, yogurt and applesauce. Kim and the ES team spent four hours cleaning it up so the patient could remain in the room. Great job dealing with a not so fun situation with grace and humor! We appreciate you, Kim!”

Breanna Gilmore – Environmental Services Specialist, Oconomowoc

“Breanna had an eventful weekend.  Friday evening a coworker had an accident that Breanna and Ashley Selode witnessed. They both remained calm, called for help, comforted the coworker and then stayed to clean up the aftermath. Breanna is starting nursing school and this helps to demonstrate why she will be an outstanding nurse! On Sunday, an inpatient threw milk, yogurt and applesauce all over his room. It took Breanna and two coworkers four hours to clean it up, but they did so with understanding and compassion. We are proud to have Breanna on our team!”

Corey Bergren – Maintenance Technician, Oconomowoc

“Corey had an incredibly busy weekend on call and handled it with grace and resiliency! Saturday he spent a good part of the day working with Matt to find the source of a burning smell and making sure our residents were safe. Sunday he spent several hours helping the housekeepers clean up a room that an inpatient "decorated" with chocolate milk, yogurt and applesauce. Corey, we appreciate your great attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes!”

This is quite an accomplishment for all the recipients and we congratulate you all on being truly inspiring!

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