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11/15/17 04:05:pm

Dr. Nicholas Farrell, PhD, clinical supervisor of eating disorder services at Rogers–Oconomowoc, gave a presentation titled “The New Kid on the Block: Understanding and Treating Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in Youth” at the BEDA National Conference on November 4. He also gave a presentation titled “Guy Talk” at the ANAD Conference in October in Illinois, which discussed the winning strategies and challenges to treating males with eating disorders. Dr. Farrell also presented video demonstrations of how Rogers uses exposure and response prevention. 

Dr. Marty Franklin, PhD, clinical director of Rogers–Philadelphia, was the featured speaker at a continuing education seminar titled “Assessment and Treatment of OCD across the Developmental Spectrum” that was held in Morristown New Jersey, which was attended by almost 40 healthcare professionals.

Caroline Hartman, LPC-IT, and Dr. Amy Mariaskin, clinical co-director of Rogers–Nashville, gave presentations on the treatment of ARFID at the Renewed Eating Disorders Conference in Nashville on October 20.

Dr. Peter Lake, medical director, Adolescent Center for OCD and Anxiety, was interviewed by the Waukesha Freeman for its wellness supplement on adolescent depression and the signs to watch for.

Dr. Eric Storch, PhD, clinical director at Rogers–Tampa Bay, was the featured speaker at a continuing education seminar titled “Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment of OCD: A Primer for Professionals.” The seminar was held in St. Petersburg, Florida on Saturday, October 14, and was attended by 70 healthcare professionals.

Dr. Chad Wetterneck, PhD, cognitive behavior specialist and clinical supervisor, was the guest on Dick Goldberg’s podcast and discussed the differences between being well-organized and OCD, what the best treatment approaches are, and how successful Rogers is at treating it.

Rogers–Minneapolis hosted its first CE seminar on Friday, November 3, titled “Exposure Therapy for Anxiety and Other Disorders.” The seminar featured three speakers from Rogers: Dr. Tracey Lichner, PhD, LP; Dr. Julie Lesser, MD; and Dr. Lauren Ehret, PhD, LP.

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