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10/14/17 12:00:pm

Dr. Stephanie Eken, regional medical director of Rogers Behavioral Health, appeared on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck radio show in Nashville to discuss how to talk to kids about traumatic events in regards to the tragedy in Las Vegas. The segment can be heard on the show’s podcast, starting at the 29:55 mark. 

Dr. Eric Storch, clinical director, Rogers–Tampa Bay; Dr. Josh Nadeau, clinical supervisor, Rogers–Tampa Bay; and Dr. Brad Riemann, Chief Clinical Officer, Rogers Behavioral Health, contributed a chapter on intensive treatment for OCD to the newly published Oxford University Press Book on OCD, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder: Phenomenology, Pathophysiology, and Treatment.  

youngCE.jpgAlmost 80 healthcare professionals attended the continuing education seminar “Adolescent and Young Adult Anxiety Disorders: A Developmental and Family-Based CBT Model,” held in Chicago on Friday, September 15. Dr. Paula Young, clinical director at Rogers–Chicago, discussed how engaging both parents and youth together in treatment works within a practice setting, with examples drawn from their clinical programs.

Deana Grall, experiential therapist at Herrington Recovery Center, presented at the Health Care Facilities Symposium in Austin Texas on Horticulture therapy and its relation to behavioral health. Deana’s presentation showed how the use of horticulture therapy at Rogers has evolved during the 17 years she has been at Rogers as well as the recent increased interest in the gardens at the Oconomowoc campus.

Dr. Michael Miller, medical director of Herrington Recovery Center, appears in the audiobook for White Coat Wisdom Book in Chapter 21 titled “DR DTOX.”

Dr. Stephanie Eken, regional medical director of Rogers Behavioral Health, and Dr. Amy Mariaskin, clinical director of Rogers–Nashville, gave a presentation on CBT for the Treatment of OCD and Related Disorders in Nashville for a CE Seminar on October 13. The event was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy and was for psychologists, masters-level social workers, and licensed professional counselors looking to improve their skills working with children, adolescents and adults with OCD and related disorders. 

Sue McKenzie, M.A., program director of Rogers InHealth, and Suzette Urbashich, M.S., administrative director of Rogers InHealth, presented at the International Stigma Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sue presented a youth version of Honest, Open, Proud—a workbook for small group discussion or personal use to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Suzette led a breakout discussion during the preconference.

Dr. Rebecca Cho, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Rogers–Chicago and Dr. Stephanie Eken, regional medical director, co-presented “Exposure and Response Prevention in the Treatment of ARFID” at the IAEDP heartland chapter meeting in downtown Chicago on September 22.

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