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Nursing scholarship winner has high hopes for her future role’s impact

04/06/17 07:24:am

heppe.jpgFor Meghan Heppe, Rogers’ new nursing scholarship opportunity is a game changer. She’s worked for Rogers for nine years and is currently an intake specialist for the residential eating disorder program. When she decided to apply for the full-ride scholarship to nursing school, she looked at it as a chance not only to provide a better life for her daughter and herself but also to give back to an organization she says she’s proud to work for.

Meghan’s inspiring application for the Dr. Rogers Nursing Scholarship talked about her love for helping people, whether it’s patients, co-workers, or family and friends. Though she knows she’s able to have a positive impact in her current role each and every day, Meghan has a vision for how she’ll be able to magnify her impact as a nurse.

She writes, “…to some I will still be "just a nurse." But I will be the one who will make the close connections with the patients, the one who will help them through the even tougher times maybe when they feel all hope is lost, or are going through detox or through refeeding syndrome. During the times when they are missing their parents, their spouses, and their children, I will be there. I will give the care, love, and support when their family is unable to be there or choose not to be there. I will be there to help teach them how to live a healthier life, even in the difficult times when they may not want to listen.  For me, becoming a nurse is not just about memorizing thousands of medications, parts of the body, or how microorganisms can alter human life.  For me, becoming a nurse is about making all the small differences, that although may go unrecognized, may add up to changing someone's life.”

It’s no surprise that Meghan wowed the selection team. Suzanne Harrison, vice president, operations in Oconomowoc, says she was both awed and humbled by Meghan’s essay.  “Her passion, drive, and determination came through so clearly I had tears in my eyes.  She is going to be one of the shining lights of nursing at Rogers, and I will be proud to support her on her journey.”

Rogers started the scholarship program this year and will offer up to 10 employees throughout the System the chance for a full-ride scholarship over multiple years. The program supports Rogers’ commitment to giving employees opportunities for professional development. It’s also a creative way to address the industry nursing shortage, which is particularly challenging for behavioral health.

“Meghan has been a loyal employee of Rogers’ Admitting Department in Oconomowoc and has always demonstrated a very caring and compassionate heart for the patients we serve. This gives her the tremendous opportunity to expand her skills to clinical care, and it wouldn’t have been a reality without this scholarship. She’s so deserving and I couldn’t be happier for her!“ comments Kim Effertz, vice president, admission services.

Meghan says she learned the lesson from her dad that “the answer is always no unless you ask.” She’s awfully glad she asked and got a resounding yes from the scholarship selection team. Meghan will start at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee this summer and will continue as an intake specialist at Rogers while she’s in school.

“I'm proud to work with an organization that has built a foundation on support and hope,” she adds.

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