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New recognition and wellness program is now live

06/05/17 01:13:pm

Bravo! You now have an award program with a quick and fun way to share how your co-workers are bringing their best to work. Through Daymaker Bravo, you can send a note with an eCard to make someone’s day and then share the news with others. 

Check out the public recognition wall* to see thank yous to co-workers who exemplify the behaviors of compassion, dependability, finding solutions, flexibility, focus on safety, patients and families first, positive outlook, resilience, respect, and teamwork.

The wall is quickly filling with messages like the thank you to Rich McKnight, chaplain, by Christine Dawley, manager of Spiritual Care. 


McKnight was recognized and earned a Bravo badge for displaying a positive outlook. 


Another post was about Karl Bauer, environmental services specialist, recognized by Molly Strahota, experiential therapist.  Bauer earned a Bravo badge for dependability.2017-06-07_01-26_233.jpg


The public recognition wall also features Dr. Tatjana Barisic-Dujmovic, recognized by Ken Hartenstein, professional counselor. Barisic-Dujmovic earned a Bravo badge for compassion.


Learn more about the behavior descriptions for each badge in “Behaviors we recognize” document on Daymaker, found in the Resource Center Documents section of the home page. The guidelines for Bravo are also available on Daymaker, under Program Rules section of the home page.

Employees who give or receive Bravo recognition, are eligible for a chance to win points through a drawing!  Each month, those who received recognition and those who gave Bravo recognition, are in drawings for points: 25 recipients will receive 200 points each, and 25 givers will receive 100 points each. There is a one entry limit per employee each month in the giver and in the receiver drawings.

Everyone can use Bravo to recognize other employees who consistently deliver an amazing experience to those we serve. Check the wall often to see what an amazing team we have at Rogers.

Go make someone’s day by posting on the recognition wall!

*Both givers and recipients can also choose to keep the recognition private if preferred.

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