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Daymaker relaunches, huge boost during March Recognition Madness

04/22/19 08:14:am

A new look and additional features were added to the Daymaker recognition site on April 18, with the goal to give people more ways to recognize their colleagues.

One of the most notable additions is how Daymaker will highlight milestone service anniversaries. A new page and personal URL will be created for each person with a work anniversary, as well as notify their immediate team members and manager of the occasion, who are then encouraged to congratulate their colleague.

An Upcoming Celebration tile has been added to the Daymaker homepage, letting you quickly see others’ work anniversaries and congratulate them.

Users will need to create a new password after logging in for the first time to the upgraded Daymaker. Login issues can be addressed by emailing daymaker@biworldwide.com and those with questions about the new Daymaker site can reach out to the Employee Health department at Employee_Health@rogersbh.org.

In celebration of the Daymaker relaunch, a drawing will be held to award five people 200 points for logging in during the first week and 500 points will be awarded to five people who recognize someone in the first month after the relaunch.

Special events are typically held each month on the Daymaker platform, including this past March when Rogers March Recognition Madness returned for the second year in a row. This led to a significant increase in Daymaker logins and recognition of colleagues.

More recognition took place in March than both January and February combined this year, and total recognition increased compared to last year’s March Madness event. Additionally, the number of logins nearly doubled during March.

“It is great to see the increased participation in our second year of Recognition Madness,” says Mandy Isaacson, RN, manager of infection control and wellness. “We not only saw the largest number of logins, but the most recognitions sent in a month! This is exciting, and I hope the momentum can continue as we work to build a healthy culture.”

The top 16 people with the most recognitions from March 1 to March 11 received an extra 200 Daymaker points. Each week the Daymaker payout increased while the number of top users is reduced by half until one person remained, who earned an extra 2,000 Daymaker points. This year’s championship game came down to Jason Jaeger, residential counselor, and Ellie Fisher, behavioral specialist—with Jason winning it all.

Jason shared, “It is truly humbling to be recognized by my coworkers for my actions and contributions in the workplace. Granted, it is my coworkers who are the true value and asset. Being part of such a great TEAM of workers, alongside our fearless leader Dr. Tomaich, is what helps us deliver an unprecedented level of patient care. I feel this is further exemplified in the fact that the person (Ellie Fisher) who I was in the Championship ‘game’ was a former co-worker from the OCD program.”

See the full list of winners on Rogers Connect.

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