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Milestones, promotions, and new leaders

08/13/19 03:48:pm

Please congratulate the following colleagues celebrating big milestones for their dedication to Rogers. Login to Daymaker to recognize the special occasion by sharing comments, photos, videos, and memories in the upcoming celebrations section.

Name Role Campus Years of Service
Catherine Wright Social Worker Oconomowoc 25 Years
David Gorichanaz Maintenance Technician I Oconomowoc 20 Years
Jacqueline Halverson Experiential Therapist II West Allis 20 Years
Jenifer Waite-Wollenburg Manager Of Residential Operations Oconomowoc 20 Years
Kendra Burnett Care Advocate Oconomowoc 15 Years
Hillary Bielefeldt Patient Account Service Rep Lead Oconomowoc 5 Years
Kara Rapozo Director Business Development Oconomowoc 5 Years
Matthew McCann Professional Counselor Tampa 5 Years
Joshua Nadeau Clinical Director Tampa 5 Years
Maria Bolyard Support Specialist Oconomowoc 5 Years
Suzanne Drout Registered Nurse Oconomowoc 5 Years
Connie Weltzin Cook Oconomowoc 5 Years

Congratulations to the following employees who earned a promotion in July 2019.

Employee Name Former Position Promoted To: Campus
Zachary Aspinall Patient Care Associate Residential Care Specialist Oconomowoc
Mary Carreon Education Specialist Behavior Specialist San Francisco East Bay
Onya Chism Purchasing Assistant Purchasing Agent Brown Deer
Nicole Drake Residential Care Specialist Social Worker Oconomowoc
Tamika Esho Support Specialist Health Information Specialist Oconomowoc
Chelsea Heinrich Purchasing Assistant Purchasing Agent West Allis
Jodie Hoekman Case Specialist Professional Counselor Oconomowoc
Danielle Jackson Professional Counselor In Training Professional Counselor Kenosha
Elizabeth Janners Mental Health Professional School Liaison Brown Deer
Simon Jencius Professional Counselor Lead Therapist Hinsdale
Evan Johnson Behavior Specialist Social Worker West Allis
Alex Johnson-Roach Residential Care Specialist Therapeutic Specialist West Allis
Linda Lowery Purchasing Assistant Purchasing Agent West Allis
Nicole Marquardt Behavior Specialist TMS Coordinator Oconomowoc
Kalyna Melnyk Behavior Specialist Professional Counselor Hinsdale
Rangana Milone Pharmacy Grad Intern Pharmacist Oconomowoc
Hussein Mohammad Mental Health Professional Field Service Technician West Allis
Jessa Pelnar Patient Care Associate Residential Care Specialist Oconomowoc
Kimberly Schiefelbein Purchasing Assistant Purchasing Agent West Allis
Michele Schmeckpeper Health Information Specialist Appeals Specialist Oconomowoc
Samantha Schultz Patient Access Specialist Intake Specialist Oconomowoc
Zachary Smith Behavior Specialist Behavior Management Training Specialist Oconomowoc
Jessica Tighe Patient Care Associate Residential Care Specialist Oconomowoc

New leadership

Employee To Campus
Dr. Linsey Bergman** Clinical Director Los Angeles
Morgan Borine Nurse Practitioner St. Paul
John Fischer RIS Deployment Leader Oconomowoc
Dr. Michael Fox** Psychiatrist San Francisco East Bay
Allison Lancione Clinical Services Supervisor Oconomowoc
Dr. Christopher Lowden** Psychiatrist Hinsdale
Stefanie Magalong* Director of Operations Los Angeles
Debra Case** Director, Revenue Cycle & Health Information Management Oconomowoc

**New hires

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