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Milestones, promotions, and new leaders

08/21/18 02:48:pm

Please congratulate the following colleagues celebrating big milestones for their dedication to Rogers.

Name Role Campus Years of Service
Kim Zimmerman Lead Housekeeper Oconomowoc 25 Years
Stacey Basile Community Development Coordinator Oconomowoc 10 Years
Courtney Klapa Behavior Specialist Appleton 10 Years
Kimberly List Support Specialist Oconomowoc 10 Years
Dan Buehler Intake Specialist Milwaukee 5 Years
Daniel Caroll Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc 5 Years
Jody Langford Physician Oconomowoc 5 Years
Rachel Mahoney Social Worker Milwaukee 5 Years
Patrick Ramsay National Outreach Representative Oconomowoc 5 Years
Gina Ruane Social Worker Brown Deer 5 Years
Joseph Schultz Registered Nurse Oconomowoc 5 Years
Chad Wetterneck Behavior Specialist - Clinical Supervisor Oconomowoc 5 Years

Congratulations to the following employees who earned a promotion in July 2018:

Employee Name Former Position Promoted To Campus
Claudia Abt Accounting Assistant Accounts Payable Coordinator Oconomowoc
Katelynn Ammon Patient Care Associate Graduate Nurse West Allis
Whitney Anderson Residential Counselor Case Specialist Oconomowoc
Wendy Banicki Professional Counselor in Training Social Worker Oconomowoc
Payton Bills Residential Counselor Regional UR Intake Specialist Madison
Adam Bodner Residential Counselor Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Andrew Brandt Software Analyst Security Analyst Oconomowoc
Destiny Cancel Patient Care Associate Support Specialist West Allis
Sarah Cartwright Experiential Therapist Licensed Professional Counselor West Allis
Lindsay Coleman Mental Health Professional Care Transition Specialist West Allis
Harshita Desai Residential Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor in Training Oconomowoc
Nick Goode Clinical Application Analyst Associate Integration Architect Oconomowoc
Lisa Harsany Staff Accountant Senior Accountant Oconomowoc
Dana Hooper Cook Café Worker Oconomowoc
Shartiruh Hudson Mental Health Technician Mental Health Professional Brown Deer
Sumire Joseph Clinic Assistant Behavior Specialist Tampa
Amanda Kemppainem Café Worker Cook Oconomowoc
Karen Kussler Mental Health Professional Addictions Counselor Brown Deer
Patricia Mann Experiential Therapist Licensed Professional Counselor in Training Oconomowoc
Mica Moeller Residential Counselor & Behavior Specialist Licensed Professional Counselor in Training Oconomowoc
Greg Palbicki, Jr. Behavior Specialist Behavior Specialist II Oconomowoc
Lauren Pape Case Specialist Professional Counselor in Training Oconomowoc
Thomas Pink Patient Care Associate Residential Counselor Oconomowoc
Amanda Radtke Residential Counselor Licensed Professional Counselor in Training Appleton
Sadie Rogalski Café Worker Patient Safety Associate Oconomowoc
Michelle Sherkow Professional Counselor in Training Licensed Professional Counselor Brown Deer
Bret Skaer Residential Counselor Patient Safety Associate Oconomowoc
Alexandria Taylor Lead Financial Analyst Senior Financial Analyst Oconomowoc
Kimberly Teresinski Staff Accountant Senior Accountant Oconomowoc
Rose Johnson Vazquez Prep Cook Cook Brown Deer

New leadership

Name To Campus
Timothy Carlson Manager of Finance Oconomowoc
Kristie Johnson Accounting Manager Oconomowoc
Tim Mathewson Director of Finance Oconomowoc
Emily Russart Director of Accounting Oconomowoc
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