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Milestones, promotions, and new leaders

09/12/17 07:23:pm

Please congratulate the following colleagues celebrating big milestones for their dedication to Rogers. 

Employee Role Campus Years of Service
Brianna Dillaber Support Specialist Oconomowoc 5 years
Brittany Beckmann Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc 5 years
Brittany Long Professional Counselor Oconomowoc 5 years
Chandra Hazelwood Health Information Technician West Allis 5 years
Cheryl Thomas Clinical Coordinator Madison 5 years
Donna Stewart-Martin Experiential Therapist I Madison 5 years
Gabrielle Valenti Care Advocate Oconomowoc 5 years
Helga Tenji Maniaci Environmental Services Specialist Brown Deer 5 years
Jessica Cook Clinical Effectiveness Coordinator Oconomowoc 5 years
Jessica Kurz Social Worker Hourly Oconomowoc 5 years
Kevin Kuntz Physician Madison 5 years
Pamela Ewig Receptionist Oconomowoc 5 years
Patrick Hammer President - CEO Oconomowoc 5 years
Shirley Newcomb Psychologist Assistant West Allis 5 years
Theresa Kenneweg Health Information Technician West Allis 5 years
Allyce Arzikovic Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc 5 Years
Jennifer Bliefernicht Professional Counselor Madison 5 Years
Kelly Casper Residential Counselor Oconomowoc 5 Years
Lydia Honecker Social Worker West Allis 5 Years
Diane Mantei Registered Nurse West Allis 5 Years
Kayla Sanders Patient Care Associate West Allis 5 Years
Elizabeth Wall Registered Nurse Oconomowoc 5 Years
Gayle Schulz Lead Chef Oconomowoc 10 years
Gina Whipple Health-Welllness Specialist West Allis 10 years
Jennifer Schmitt Residential Counselor Oconomowoc 10 years
Sarah Carson Social Worker Pool West Allis 10 years
Stephanie Gabrhel Social Worker Pool West Allis 10 years
Teresa Schultz Vice President Continuous Improvement Oconomowoc 10 years
Nicole Al Bawi Residential Counselor Oconomowoc 10 Years
Amanda Simpson Registered Nurse Oconomowoc 15 years
Kimberly Dillaber Licensed Professional Nurse Oconomowoc 15 years
Kim Jaeger Social Worker Oconomowoc 15 Years
Patricia Foley Social Worker West Allis 15 Years
Margaret Trissel Software Engineer I West Allis 15 Years
Jessica Boettner Health Information Technician West Allis 15 Years
Patricia Hankes Health Information Technician Oconomowoc 25 years

Congratulations to the following employees who earned a promotion since July 1, 2017:

Employee Name Former Position Promoted To Campus
William Aspley Café Worker Cook Oconomowoc
Hilary Boyd Registered Nurse APNP Oconomowoc
John Brazill Experiential Therapist Behavior Specialist with Masters Tampa
Jennifer Jellen Bremer Intake Specialist Care Transition Specialist Brown Deer
Marisol Brost Support Group Specialist and Social Worker Support Group Coordinator and Social Worker Oconomowoc
Ryan Geller Dietary Services Manager Operations Manager Brown Deer
Samantha Gracz Experiential Therapist Mental Health Professional West Allis
Gary Hebbring Driver Lead Driver Oconomowoc
Sarah Hoffman Residential Counselor Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Susie Kierzek Lead Cook Culinary Supervisor HRC Oconomowoc
Jamie Koldeway Graduate Nurse Registered Nurse Oconomowoc
James Konkel Lead Cook Culinary Supervisor Cedar Ridge/Delafield Oconomowoc
Jayme Lepak Residential Counselor Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Taylor Lundgren Intake Specialist Intake Lead West Allis
Nicole Marquardt Residential Counselor Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Amy Marrs Residential Counselor Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Amberly Mixon Behavior Specialist with Masters Social Worker Oconomowoc
Regina Pagel Receptionist Call Specialist Oconomowoc
Stefanie Palmer Social Worker Psychologist Assistant Kenosha
Kristina Rohloff Intake Specialist Call Specialist Oconomowoc
Kimberly Schlomann SS Recovery AODA Add Licensed Professional Counselor-IT Oconomowoc
Desiree Sigler Experiential Therapist Add Professional Counselor-IT Kenosha
Susan Singleton Residential Counselor Behavior Specialist with Masters Oconomowoc
Melissa Stoffel Professional Counselor Clinical Services Manager Oconomowoc
Ernesto Valente Mental Health Professional Therapeutic Specialist Kenosha
Anya Verriden Pre-doctoral Intern Psychologist Assistant Brown Deer
Alexandra Wisth Residential Counselor Add Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Megan Zemple Care Advocate Appeals Specialist Oconomowoc
Shauna Pichette Behavior Specialist Social Worker Oconomowoc
Amanda Isaacson Health/Wellness Nurse Employee Health Coordinator Oconomowoc
Jessica Peskie Residential Counselor Add Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Owen Bowie Behavior Specialist Behavior Specialist with Masters Oconomowoc
Whitney Nelson Intake Specialist Care Advocate Oconomowoc
Erin Giese Intake Specialist Behavior Specialist Brown Deer
Amanda Vogt Clinical Services Manager Director of Partial Hospital Oconomowoc
Brian Kay Director of Clinical Effectiveness Director of Quality & Clinical Effectiveness Oconomowoc
Corrine Roe Patient Care Associate Care Transition Specialist Oconomowoc
Monica Meyer Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse West Allis
Hayden Cleary Patient Care Associate Care Advocate Kenosha
Joe Waraksa Registered Nurse Clinical Services Manager Oconomowoc
Catherine Wright Intake Lead Care Advocate Oconomowoc
Patrice Flanagan-Morris Residential Counselor Intake Specialist Oconomowoc
Brandi St. Peter Residential Counselor Add Intake Specialist Oconomowoc
Jamie Lehner HR Analyst HR Business Partner Oconomowoc
Leah Katzung General Nurse Registered Nurse Oconomowoc
Rebecca Gross Admissions Manager Manager of Call Center Oconomowoc
Carolyn Piggot Therapeutic Specialist with Masters Professional Counselor-IT Kenosha
Kristen Sweeney Intake Lead Admissions Manager Brown Deer
Heather Tomasik Intake Lead Care Advocate West Allis
Michelle Marcou School Liaison Professional Counselor-IT Brown Deer
La Thiang GZ Arnold Mental Health Professional Behavior Specialist Chicago

New leadership

Name Position Campus
Bridget C Ellingboe Director of Operations Madison
Arnold Stueber CFO Oconomowoc
Signa Meyers Director of Operations Appleton
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