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Milestones and promotions

11/21/19 09:54:am

Please congratulate the following colleagues celebrating big milestones for their dedication to Rogers. Login to Daymaker to recognize the special occasion by sharing comments, photos, videos, and memories in the upcoming celebrations section.

Name Role Campus Years of Service
Colette Coolidge Therapist in Training West Allis 10 Years
Sarah Jeffery Behavior Specialist Madison 10 Years
Constance Stattmann Cook Oconomowoc 10 Years
Ginny Dacquisto Registered Dietitian Oconomowoc 5 Years
Stephanie Doornek Care Advocate Oconomowoc 5 Years
Kelly Engelhardt Therapist Oconomowoc 5 Years
Krystal Frederick Therapeutic Specialist Oconomowoc 5 Years
Samantha Gracz Therapeutic Specialist West Allis 5 Years
Austin Hammer Clinical Informatics Manager Oconomowoc 5 Years
Charlotte Hopkins Registered Nurse Brown Deer 5 Years
Andrea Lewis Therapist Brown Deer 5 Years
Patricia Periman Therapist Oconomowoc 5 Years
Becky Staedter Care Transition Specialist Oconomowoc 5 Years
James Welsh Director of Operations Brown Deer 5 Years

Congratulations to the following employees who earned a promotion in October 2019.

Employee Name Former Position Promoted To: Campus
Amanda Alf Professional Counselor in Training Therapist Brown Deer
Chinwe Anyamele Mental Health Professional Therapeutic Specialist Brown Deer
Nicole Briskie TMS Coordinator Behavior Specialist Oconomowoc
Cathleen Cotter Case Specialist Therapist West Allis
Becky Fiorenza Experiential Therapist Ropes Course Facilitator Oconomowoc
Melissa Hoel Patient Care Associate Therapeutic Specialist West Allis
Karie Liegel Employee Health Safety Specialist HR Generalist Brown Deer/West Allis
Rhonda Loback Cook Café Worker Oconomowoc
Gina Lupella Residential Care Specialist Care Advocate Oconomowoc
Samuel Mason Behavior Specialist Therapist Nashville
Kimberly Masood Patient Account Follow Up Specialist Financial Counselor Oconomowoc
Carly Olson Mental Health Professional Therapeutic Specialist Brown Deer
Odessa Peters Behavior Specialist Residential Care Specialist Oconomowoc
Justen Puechner Training Specialist Behavior Management Training Specialist West Allis
Shakai Reynolds Residential Care Specialist Therapeutic Specialist West Allis
Madeline Starr Mental Health Professional Therapeutic Specialist Brown Deer
Samantha Stevenson Behavior Specialist with Masters Therapist Tampa
Claire Whetter Case Specialist Therapist West Allis
Michael Witte Behavior Specialist with Masters Chaplain Oconomowoc
Desirae Wurm Regional Utilization Review Intake Specialist Care Advocate West Allis

Leadership promotions

Employee To: Campus
Keri Brown Clinical Director Madison
Brenda Bundy** Assistant Director of Nursing West Allis
Jonathan Nelson** Culinary Services Supervisor Oconomowoc
Stephen Olson Nursing Services Manager West Allis
Jillian Rouleau APNP Brown Deer
Stefanie Vitucci Nursing Services Manager West Allis

**New hires

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