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Many annual training modules available now

04/16/21 04:40:pm


To offer employees more time to complete the annual training computer-based learning (CBLs), several modules have begun to appear in transcripts.

Employees will continue to be notified by email as new trainings become available. All modules will be assigned by August, with a due date of December 1, following the same training calendar as the regulatory required continuing education hours (Wisconsin only, either 15, 24, 30, or 48 based on level of care and population served).

“We are still in the process of reviewing requirements and updating modules to ensure that the right training is delivered to the appropriate staff, specific to location,” says Kendra Stea, director, Talent Development. “We are hopeful that this will result in more relevant training and increased engagement.”

Compliance with annual training requirements remains a very important part of annual work performance. Visit the Rogers Learning and Performance Portal to access the modules.

Contact Kendra at Kendra.Stea@rogersbh.org with any questions or submit a ticket to TD_Support@rogersbh.org.

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