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Make connections, earn prizes with the One Rogers Road Trip

10/12/22 01:00:pm

In the spirit of One Rogers, employees are invited to connect with colleagues across the organization in the newly launched One Rogers Road Trip.

Each time you reach out to someone and get to know them better through the end of December, you can accrue points that add up to prizes. After every connection, both people should fill out this form and share what they've learned about each other.

In addition to prizes along the way, at the end of the Road Trip, all participants will be entered into aRoadtrip_tn.jpggrand prize drawing based on each point earned for a chance to win a road trip to visit the Rogers site of your choice and a meal with John Boyd, PsyD, president and CEO.

The idea for the Road Trip was a collaboration between Cassie Hoehnen, director of operations for outpatient services in West Allis, and Kristin Wendlandt, director of operations at Silver Lake Outpatient Center.

“It’s exciting,” says Cassie. “Brock (Maxwell, VP, operations, Central Service Area and Southeast Wisconsin Service Area) was challenging us to do some fun employee engagement activities. I was thinking about how to do that while solving a problem at the same time. Employees often ask me to reach out to teammates at other Rogers locations and levels of care. I thought if I could encourage them to create relationships so they feel comfortable making the contact, that empowers them to share ideas and learn from each other. As leaders, we rely on our teams and trust them to do that.”

Cassie says she was initially thinking of doing a game with just her team, but then decided to ask the Southeast Wisconsin operational leadership team if they wanted to join.

“We’re competitive with each other in a fun way,” says Cassie. “Kristin was the one who said, ‘I think we actually have something here. Let’s do more with this.’ So, we took the idea to Brock, and the other VPs of Outpatient Services agreed.”

Cassie says building relationships throughout the organization supports Rogers’ Mission.

“The more we’re able to connect, share ideas, and break down walls and barriers, the better we’re able to care for our patients and make things like transferring patients from one level of care to another a more seamless process,” says Cassie.

Kristin agrees, adding that employees will have the opportunity to learn more about what colleagues do in other departments, which helps build a healthy culture.

Road Trip license plate.jpg“You may have no idea what Marketing and Outreach do, for example,” says Kristin. “The Road Trip is a way for you to learn. Or maybe you want to make a connection in another department about a career growth opportunity. For non-patient support teams, you may want to reach out to a PCA (patient care associate) and ask them about their day and try to understand what they do. I’m hopeful that the Road Trip will help us better understand what others do to support our mission and values.”

Click here for more details about the One Rogers Road Trip and have fun connecting!

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