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LimeLight program recognizes six care team members to kick off 2021

02/25/21 09:55:am

The Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation has welcomed six members of the care team to the LimeLight in recognition for their work in helping people reach their full potential for health and well-being.

Kimberly Bentfield, Stephen Hoffman, Jessica Kurz, Lauren Howard, Peter Lake, MD, and Cuong Tieu, MD, were all recognized by past patients and are the first new members of the LimeLight program for 2021.

LimeLight was started in 2015, and is a way for past patients to say thanks to a staff member who made a difference in their recovery by making a gift to the Foundation in their honor. When they are recognized, they receive a certificate, a letter, and comments directly from the donor thanking them. Since its inception, the Foundation has received more than 100 nominations for the LimeLight, which can be attributed to nearly every location across the system.

“The number of nominations that we’ve received and their prevalence across all locations, including our regional sites, demonstrates both the quality and consistency of our care throughout the entire Rogers system,” says Matthias Schueth, executive vice president, Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation.

LimeLight donations help the Foundation and Rogers’ patient care at large in numerous initiatives: providing grants for free treatment, working to reduce mental health stigma in the community, impacting change through research projects, assisting with personal needs to aid in recovery, sustaining programs for spiritual care, and other important programs that can help patients on their journey to recovery.

When a former patient or loved one makes an online gift, they are asked to explain why the Rogers team member deserves to be in the Limelight. Although patient comments remain anonymous, the examples below are excerpts from several combined comments with all names changed and identifying information removed:

“Kim is the only person who I have trusted with my story. From day one, she not only walked alongside me, but she also carried me towards recovery when I needed her help the most. She has helped me unbecome everything that I was before in order to find who I am today. She instilled in me confidence, hope, and compassion. Kim truly saved my life, and I will forever be grateful for her.”

“Megan connected with my very private and complex son in a way that nobody else has. She made a significant difference in his life and mine; he still mentions her name and concepts she taught him. Thank you, Megan!”

“Lea smiled, was all sparkly, looked right at me and called me by name. She was happy and grounded with an attitude of, ‘Yep, you have OCD, so let’s deal with it.’ Words left unsaid were, ‘I know how to help you face this thing.’ She treated me with dignity and respect and saw me as a whole person. Today, I am living an exposure lifestyle and have learned how to continue to improve. I am so very grateful for Lea and the entire team!”

Rogers team members go above and beyond in their patient care roles, but it’s always affirming to be recognized and acknowledged for hard work. Congratulations to all who have been inducted into the LimeLight this year and those who will join the program in the future.

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