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Learn about the family-focused kitchen for eating disorder recovery

08/13/19 04:05:pm

The recently opened Eating Disorder Recovery adolescent residential care environment includes a family dining area and teaching kitchen that can be used to further treatment goals and allow for needed family-time for our patients.

“The teaching kitchen and family dining area in the residential program is a beautiful space,” says Meghan Baade, registered dietitian. “I think that it’s a great asset to our program and increases the ways we can challenge our residents and prepare them for discharge.”

The teaching kitchen will also be used for various cooking challenges that integrate feared ingredients into cooking and eating, exposure to a variety of textures, and to challenge perfectionist tendencies. Family members making meals in the teaching kitchen can also help ease the transition out of residential care or increase an adolescent’s independence by learning to make their own meals.

The family dining area will allow for residents of the program to enjoy a meal with their family in private, which can be served by the kitchen, brought in from outside, or prepared by the family.

“We have all the cooking materials necessary and proper dishware available,” Meghan says.

Get a birds-eye view of the Oconomowoc campus

New drone footage of the Oconomowoc campus has been shared on the Rogers YouTube and social accounts, showing off the beauty of our space after the residential expansion was completed.

Video was also captured of the campuses for Eating Disorder Recovery Adult Residential Care and OCD and Anxiety Adult Residential Care, which can both be found on their respective web pages.