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Leadership development celebrates accomplishments, looks to future projects

05/26/22 12:51:pm

Over the past two years, Talent Development has prioritized creating new development opportunities for leaders at Rogers. Kendra Stea, executive director of Talent Development and Patient Safety, offers a look at four key areas of success:

  • Accelerate training: Through FOCUS Training, Inc., Rogers has been able to offer almost 230 of our leaders access to Accelerate training, which helps them learn more about motivation, delegation, prioritization, giving and receiving feedback, how to run meetings, stress management, and more.
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I) assessments: EQ-I assessments are offered to all leaders and have expanded to be available to other individuals on numerous teams throughout Rogers, including Data Analytics; Outpatient Services leadership; the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Hinsdale clinics; and Brown Deer hospital leadership. On average, about 100 EQ-I assessments and debriefs are completed each year.
  • New leader curriculum: To better support new leaders, a curriculum consisting of five key elements has been established: An orientation to Rogers, Bronze (Rogers Operating System) training, Accelerate training, leading teams, and EQ-I foundations. Each piece of the curriculum provides key training and experience to prepare leaders for their roles.
  • Leader in Training program: Two rotations of Rogers’ Leader in Training program have been completed, with a third rotation beginning soon. Candidates apply for the program and, if accepted, spend six to 12 months working in a rotation of different business functions at Rogers. Once the program is completed, they may be placed into a leadership position based on their experience.

“I am so proud of everything the team has accomplished and of our leaders for embracing these new opportunities,” Kendra explains. “Over the last two years, we’ve added so many great educational opportunities to really give our leaders the tools they need to help their teams succeed, and we know that’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

What’s next for leadership development?

Kendra shares that additional opportunities are in development, aided by the hiring of Ross Schifo as the new manager of leadership development. Ross brings expertise from numerous sectors, including healthcare, and will lead the team in expanding offerings for leaders.

There are three key areas currently in progress: succession planning, Elevate training, and leadership expectations on leading with equity.

Succession planning builds on the importance of leaders building their teams. A newly created tool is now available to help leaders identify their high-potential staff and understand how the loss of an employee would impact the team. The tool highlights who needs support in growth and development or engagement. This tool is still being rolled out, with the hope of being used by more teams in the near future.

Elevate training, like Accelerate, is provided by FOCUS Training, Inc., and teaches managers leadership skills to improve their teams’ performance and inspire change. Starting this month, executives at Rogers are taking part in this program to learn about bias in leadership, talent development, crisis management, and more.

Finally, there are the leadership expectations, which are focused on developing equitable leaders. Topics include how to recognize biases, managing fairness and equity on teams, and creating a welcoming environment where all team members feel they belong.

“We’re so excited to have Ross Schifo on board as manager of leadership development, and I can’t wait to see what he and the team are able to accomplish,” Kendra explains. “I look forward to seeing how our culture transforms as our leaders develop into more confident, equitable, and strategic leaders.”

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