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Hope at forefront of helping hands for employees

05/01/17 03:23:am

LOGO-HELPING-HANDS.jpgFor many of the individuals and families who receive funding from Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation, they tell us that for the first time, they have hope for happiness, they feel accountable for recovery, and they are grateful to be alive.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s campaign! The employee giving campaign occurs in April, but all donations to the Foundation count towards yearly giving, including gifts to the Celebrate the Light Gala.

This year, from May 2016 to April 2017, Rogers staff donated a total of $42,786 in support of Patient Care Grants and the Angel Fund, making it possible for individuals and families in need to receive the live saving treatment across all Rogers Behavioral Health locations.

All Rogers’ staff who contributed to the yearly campaign was eligible for the drawing. Congratulations to the lucky winners:


Jessica Machmueller   - Amazon Gift Card

Brown Deer

Benjamin Beaumont - Amazon Gift Card

Lucy Kastonek - Day of PTO


Blair McAnany - Amazon Gift Card

Ellen Meloy - Amazon Gift Card


Tammy Madrigrano - Day of PTO


Donna Stewart-Martin - Amazon Gift Card


Steve Draghicchio - Rogers Water Bottle

Katherine Freimark - Rogers Water Bottle

Barbara Livermore - Brewers Tickets

Melissa Presti - Rogers Thermos Cup

Brenda Raner - Rogers Water Bottle

Brooke Scholler - Amazon Gift Card

Kristin Waite-Labott - Rogers Thermos Cup


Kristy Kaul - Amazon Gift Card


Elizabeth Austin - Amazon Gift Card

Hillary Bielefeldt - Rogers Thermos Cup

Jean Corrao - Amazon Gift Card

Kelly Edwards - Rogers Thermos Cup

Betty Flannagan - Rogers Thermos Cup

Mary Grobelny - Amazon Gift Card

Nancy Gulland - Rogers Water Bottle

Elizabeth Hamilton - Amazon Gift Card

Laura Killingsworth - Rogers Thermos Cup

Allison McDonald - Amazon Gift Card

Lori Nichols - Amazon Gift Card

Tony Schmidt - Brewers Tickets

Tracy Willey - Rogers Thermos Cup

Molly Wissler - Amazon Gift Card


Tabitha Lennon - Amazon Gift Card

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