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Hinsdale now open to patients, construction update on residential expansion

11/26/18 01:25:pm


A new outpatient center opened to patients on November 26 in Hinsdale, Illinois. Rogers–Hinsdale offers programs for addiction, depression and mood disorders, OCD and anxiety, and PTSD. A VIP dinner was held on November 6, which hosted nearly 50 area referring professionals who discussed the mental healthcare needs of the area with members of our team and learned more about our Hinsdale location and residential programs in Oconomowoc.


Rogers–Philadelphia added an OCD intensive outpatient program for children and adolescents in early November.


An intensive outpatient program for adults with dual diagnosis will open in Appleton starting in early December.


Nashville is adding a partial hospitalization program for adults with dual diagnosis in mid-December.

Brown Deer

The PTSD partial hospitalization program for adolescents is expected to open this winter in Brown Deer.


Construction on the residential expansion in Oconomowoc continues and is on track for a June 3 opening.

“It is exciting to see the units begin to take shape, and we are looking forward to being able to welcome and serve new residents this summer.” ~ Barbara Whitstone, vice president of facilities

“With an average of 150 people on our waiting list, it brings me great joy to see how quickly the construction is moving along. With the additional 62 beds, we will be able to offer new programs and services and meet the needs of our community.” ~ Caroline McHale, chief operating officer of residential services, Rogers–Oconomowoc

The project includes:

  • Adding 14 residential beds for an adolescent Eating Disorder program on the first floor of the west wing (8 adolescent beds from Delafield campus are moving to main campus, and Delafield space will become 8 new adult beds).
  • Moving the 24 residential beds for the FOCUS Adolescent program to the second floor of the west wing
  • Adding 12 residential beds for a new Adult PTSD program to the third floor
  • Adding 12 residential beds to the third floor for a FOCUS adult program (ages 30+) to the third floor of the west wing
  • Repurposing 12 beds on the first floor of the 1950s wing to an adult general mental health residential program
  • Repurposing 12 beds on the second and third floors of the original hospital to an adolescent general mental health residential program
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West Allis

Construction at Rogers–West Allis is expected to complete in time for 28 new residential beds to open in spring 2019. The new residential beds will be split between FOCUS adult and an adult addiction/dual diagnosis program. Outpatient programs for children and teens recently moved to a new building known as the West Allis Child and Adolescent Outpatient Center, located down the road from the Lincoln Center at 2400 S. 102 St.

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