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Grateful patients put Rogers teammates in the LimeLight, resulting in record-setting donations

03/15/23 01:30:pm
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Esteemed. Notable. Distinguished. Outstanding.

These words describe the 40 Rogers teammates who were recognized in Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation’s LimeLight program in 2022.

The LimeLight program gives former patients and their families the opportunity to recognize a Rogers team member by making a donation in their honor. Colleagues at all Rogers locations, regardless of their position, can receive this award.

Here’s how a few teammates responded to their recognition:

“Being placed in the LimeLight was a true honor that I was not expecting,” says Tiffany Murphy, therapist in Philadelphia. “My daily goal is to show up to work leaving my patients feeling seen, heard, and supported. I am so grateful to have done this and to have assisted someone in improving their overall quality of life!”

“I was humbled and honored to receive the LimeLight award from my patient and their family,” says Amy Schnell, therapist at Silver Lake Outpatient Center in Oconomowoc. “Often, it’s difficult to remind yourself of the good work we do at Rogers because the stress and expectations are high, but we save lives. Having a family share their appreciation for the work done in therapy increases the pride I have for the work I do, leaving me even more grateful to serve the mental health community with Rogers.”

“Being a Limelight recipient reminds me about the greater purpose behind the work we do on a daily basis,” says Terry Hill, therapist in Skokie. “As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.’”

Limelight flyer.pngThe Foundation would also like to recognize Steve Miller posthumously for his strenuous efforts in caring for the lives of our patients. Steve served in a variety of roles throughout his 20 years at Rogers. He was a primary therapist in Eating Disorder Recovery for more than a decade, worked in Focus Depression Recovery, then joined the team as a therapist at the Herrington Center for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery. Steve was recognized by a grateful patient in 2022 who said, “He was truly a light in the darkness. He helped me tremendously when I was going through my darkest days. He cared for everyone around him and was always there for me and those that were in his care. I will always remember him.”

The Foundation received more than $5,000 in LimeLight donations last year, which is the highest amount since the inception of the program in 2015. Colleagues were awarded from 13 Rogers locations.

“It was really special to see teammates being recognized in more locations around the country this past year,” says Matthias Schueth, executive vice president of Rogers Foundation. “It tells us that the program is catching on and families around the country are eager to give back for the exceptional care they received.”

Of the 40 team members placed in the LimeLight program in 2022, several received multiple recognitions. Congratulations to the following:

  • Natalie Heidecker – therapist, San Diego
  • Rachel Horvath – behavioral specialist, Oconomowoc
  • Mitchell Lahmann – behavioral specialist, Oconomowoc
  • Amanda Marando-Blanck – therapist, Philadelphia
  • Tiffany Murphy – therapist, Philadelphia
  • Amanda VonFeldt – registered nurse, Minneapolis

“I’m super proud of these awards!” says Natalie Heidecker, therapist in San Diego. “One patient gave me two (one for each time they were in our clinic). I’m honored to be recognized. It’s incredible that so many patients across the System would go out of their way to let Rogers know about the impact that our work together had on them.”

Funds raised through the LimeLight program directly contribute to the Foundation’s Patient Care Grant and Angel Fund programs, which allow treatment teams the opportunity to apply for financial assistance for their patients and families to help them overcome barriers to care, including limited insurance coverage and personal resources.

“As more families choose Rogers for their charitable giving, the Foundation is then able to offer more funding to the treatment teams, which in turn allows our clinical staff to assist more patients,” Matthias explains. “It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

A complete listing of LimeLight recipients, patient and family comments, and photos can be found here.

LimeLight information can be found in the Foundation’s display at every Rogers location across the country. Patients can put someone in the LimeLight on the Foundation’s website at: RogersBHFoundation.org/Shine-The-Limelight or ShineTheLimeLight.org.

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