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Grateful mother praises Rogers–Chicago team for helping her son find strength and hope

03/07/17 04:21:am

chicago_0.jpgCare teams at Rogers provide life-saving care every day— it’s what we do. But when former patients or families take the time to share what that care has done to transform their lives, the powerful impact of our work is reinforced.


The following letter was shared with the Rogers Behavioral Health–Chicago team that provided care to the family’s son. The patient’s name is omitted to protect his privacy.


“We are all grateful for all of you. Ken [Cunningham], Bella [Gambino], Bella [Balbarino-Hill], Dr. Cho, Stephanie [Beckner], and Mr. Sunshine at the front desk [Mike Wilson, clinic assistant].

I know our son was terrified to first come down to you guys (and I will admit I was too) but with the help of Ken and Bella and his cousin, we got him to go.

He has gotten so much stronger in these past many weeks. I will never forget what I saw him write while he was with you guys, “I think I am strong enough to do this.”

I know he is a very strong young man even though he doesn’t always see it. And Dr. Cho, if we could take you with us we would. I have never had an experience with such a caring doctor; our son was very blessed to have you take care of him. Just remember this when your job gets tougher than tough and you ask yourself ‘why am I doing this?’ Just think of this letter I write to you. All of you are doing the job you were put on this earth for!!! Thanks again for everything.”

“This kind of response makes me proud of our team in Chicago team, and in reality, those words should ring true for providers of care throughout Rogers. The impact our entire team is making in people’s lives is bigger than we ever know,” remarks Jim Ledbetter, vice president, regional site operations.

Bella Gambino, lead therapist, says that while it’s nice to be recognized, the team doesn’t do this work for the notoriety. “I do this work because it is my passion to help empower individuals to increase their functioning and well-being! It was an honor working with this family, and there is no price tag that can be placed on the progress we see. The family felt as if everyone had given up on him, from his therapeutic school and outpatient psychiatrist to the district school. In fact, he had hit a point of giving up on himself too.  He spent two hours a day in the car to get treatment without the confidence that anything would change for him. It’s so fulfilling to give help our patients and their families find strength, hope, and meaning in their lives. Our patients are worth fighting for,” Bella shares.

“Immediate rewards like the mother’s kind words may not be common, but it shows that we have a strong team that does great work,” says Ken Cunningham, therapist/behavioral specialist. “It definitely keeps us going, and it's a reminder that we're making changes in people's lives,” Ken adds.

Pat Hammer, president and CEO, adds, “When I hear a story like this, it is proof that every member of the team from the doctor to the clinic assistant contributes to the overall patient and family experience. It’s truly gratifying.”

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