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Going green with Rogers’ new recycling program and another type of cycling

06/05/17 12:41:pm

recyclesquare.jpgRecycling Programs are up and running in Brown Deer, Oconomowoc, and West Allis, and a few smaller sites. 

At Oconomowoc Main we estimate that every day we are diverting nearly an additional cubic yard of recycling out of the landfill.  We have had to get a larger dumpster at Main and have increased pick up frequency at Executive Drive.    At West Allis we estimate a diversion rate increase of two to three cubic yards per week.  Brown Deer’s hospital was already recycling since their opening, but will be getting blue bins instead of the boxes they are currently using.  Added together, we are diverting an additional six to eight cubic yards of paper, plastic and metal per week in in addition to the cardboard already being recycling.

scallon.jpg“It is overdue! I feel very strongly about the compelling need to advocate for the environment,” comments Peggy Scallon, MD, Medical Director, FOCUS Adolescent Residential Treatment Unit.  “We need to protect our planet by keeping recyclables out of landfills, and avoid waste by re-using resources, and shrinking our carbon footprint. Rogers is a great community citizen, and this is one more way we can do the right thing. Our team on FOCUS Adolescent is excited about these efforts, and we see recycling efforts at Rogers as a value and a priority.”

Mary Grobelny is also thrilled about the new program, saying she’s always been passionate about the environment.  “When I first came to Rogers I was surprised and saddened to see that there wasn’t a recycling program, and I started my own program in the utilization review and patient financial services departments by placing bags around the office encouraging my co-workers to recycle…Recycling helps reduce greenhouse gasses, preserve natural resources, limits waste and protects our beautiful planet!”

Recycling requests

  • Please do not put trash or plastics contaminated with food (rinsed off is fine) in the recycling bins, as that contaminates the entire bin and all contents then have to go into landfill. 

  • Regional sites, if you are not recycling and would like to be a recycling champion at your facility, please email or call Barb Whitstone to express your interest.

Another green idea: cycling  

Bike-Rack---Joanne-Anderson-with-person.jpgBased on a great suggestion from Joanne Anderson, the Oconomowoc campus recently added a bike rack for employees who want to bike to work!  It is located across from the loading dock behind the generator. 

Joanne lives close to the bike path and says she having that time to myself before and after work as she rides to and from campus.  She has tried a lot of approaches to storing her bike at work and finally used the intranet suggestion box with the idea to get a bike rack.  

“Having a secure place and then encouraging staff to “ride to work” if close is a great way for self-care and wellness, which is definitely needed in this environment.  I think that more would use it if they knew it was available and accessible,” Joanne comments.

“If there is interest in getting a bike rack at other locations, we will be happy to look into it,” says Barb Whitstone, vice president, facilities.

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