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Go Pro for Safety encourages involvement by all Rogers team members

01/18/18 02:19:pm
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Go Pro for Safety, a new system-wide safety program, is aimed at improving the safety of both patients and employees. The focus is to encourage all employees to be proactive when it comes to all aspects of staying safe at Rogers.

The vision is to inspire a culture of safety leading to the safest environment for patients and employees by using an interdisciplinary team approach to deliver evidence-based, highly reliable care. Rogers Improvement System methodologies are being used in many of the initiatives.

One of the first messages is related to safety and security of the campus grounds at each location. The Environment of Care Committee, formerly known as the Safety Committee, is asking all Rogers team members to stay aware and report concerns when outside the hospital and clinics. Here are two examples that were sent out in an email to Rogers team members:

- When you’re inside, you might notice that someone spilled a small amount of coffee on the corridor floor. What do you do? Please find paper towels or a napkin and wipe up the small area and place a wet floor sign, if available. You can then contact Housekeeping to further clean the area. By wiping up the basic spill, you help avoid any potential slips, trips, or falls and greatly assist with keeping the Rogers community and grounds safe.

- Outside on campus grounds, you might be working on the ropes course when you see someone walking solo on our walking trails. The person does not appear to have staff identification or an ID badge. What do you do? Please ask the person if they need help or report the situation.

If you observe suspicious activity, you can contact the house supervisor or Rogers leadership. You should include things like who or what you say, when you saw it, where it occurred, and why you think it’s suspicious in your statement. In the case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Other Go Pro for Safety initiatives include Can the Can, non-violent crisis intervention training, medication safety, and tips to avoid injuries in ice and snow. Watch for more information on Go Pro for Safety over the coming weeks and months.

Questions and concerns on the new safety program can be directed to Matt Pochinski, director of environmental services, at matthew.pochinski@rogershospital.org or 262-646-6267.

Where did the Go Pro for Safety name come from?

stacey basile sidebar.jpgThe Environment of Care Committee asked for suggestions from Rogers employees and the winning concept started with an idea from Stacey Basile, marketing/fund development coordinator for Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation.

“When I first read about the new safety program, the words “proactive” and “protect” jumped out at me,” Stacey says. “From there, I created a single name starting with PRO, and then came up with some silly sentences about how the name could be used in everyday conversation about safety. It was definitely quirky, but I submitted it anyway. I laughed when I heard I won the contest! I’m glad my brainstorming idea was able to create the spark that ultimately led to the final product.”

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