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Former patient thanks treatment team for helping her through the worst time in her life

04/22/19 08:15:am

A former patient struggled with trauma, self-harm, and suicide attempts, but the hard working and compassionate care team she had in Focus Depression Recovery helped her set off on the road to recovery.

Her statement below perfectly exemplifies how the members of our care teams make the difference in treatment and demonstrates the importance of our continuum of care for recovery.

“Being at Rogers saved my life. I went through a lot of trauma and handled it very badly. I was cutting and attempted to take my life four times. Without Rogers there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't be here today. I went through every level of care. Day treatment, partial hospitalization, inpatient, and residential. The staff at Rogers makes you feel like you're an actual person and not just someone that's messed up in the head. They met all of my needs the best they could and managed my bad days amazingly.

I can't thank the people at Rogers enough for what they did. Especially nurses Nicole, Lisa, Jenny, and Charlie. My BS Dani, and therapist Veronica. As well as RC's Nicole, JJ, Julia, Anne. There are so many people that made a difference in my life and I cannot repay them for that. I have finally begun working hard at my trauma and depression and am on the road to recovery.  I am so thankful that the people of Roger's fought my insurance company and advocated my needs and even helping me receive a grant for my treatment. Without all of this I would be lost.

I thank everyone that has touched my life during my worst time, and I will never forget the impact you had on my life. Being at Rogers allowed me to find what I want to do with my life, I am working hard to become a mental health social worker and maybe even work at Rogers one day to give back everything they gave to me.”

~ Former Rogers Patient

Members of the former patient’s care team were thrilled to hear that she is continuing to do well, and had this to say in reaction to her:

“I can’t help but smile when I read things like this! I remember working with her throughout the course of her treatment and seeing her progress and her improvement was so rewarding. Reading this now is really heartwarming to know that the work I do has such an impact on people’s lives.”

~Nicole Wiswell, behavioral specialist

“Despite having received positive updates on her life since she successfully discharged from our program, I still continue to be amazed at all the wonderful things she is doing and working toward. Having been through multiple treatment stays prior to entering our program, I knew this time would be the time to really make it count for her, and that our program and treatment team could show her the possibilities of having a life worth living again. It was remarkable to see the resilience within her, as well as the growth she accomplished while working through some of the darkest experiences of her life. Her reflection speaks volumes to the advocacy provided by our staff, as well as the compassion and support that is continuously offered to our residents. The work we do here is like none other, driven by brave individuals who are willing to ask for and receive help on their recovery journey. I commend her for continuing to reach and work toward her goals, create new goals rooted in her values, and be willing to share her experiences throughout her journey. We know her journey will continue to inspire others that change really is possible, even if it takes some time. Change is not easy, recovery is not easy, yet is absolutely attainable. We wish her all the best!”

~Dani Olson, SAC-IT, behavior specialist

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