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Following decade-long alcohol use disorder, former patient thankful for life-saving care

06/14/21 10:10:am


For those struggling with mental health and addiction, recovery is often not linear and presents many challenges. For one former patient, a long journey to find help was finally achieved with treatment at Rogers. Annette, who received inpatient care in Brown Deer and residential care at Herrington Center for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, recently shared her experience.

“I was battling and losing a 10-year battle with alcohol and had been in treatment that hadn’t helped much,” she says. “I continued to crave and go back to drinking, each time drinking more and more often and intensively. When I was accepted into Rogers’ residential program, I was hopeful, but not convinced, that they could help me. I had been there for detox and was very impressed, but long term I wasn’t sure it would help as I had tried therapy previously and it had been more of a ‘guilt the person into not drinking’ approach.”

Though Annette experienced many ups and downs during treatment, she ultimately learned that a program will only work if you are willing to work at it and learn from mistakes. Ultimately, the compassionate care she received at Rogers was exactly what she needed.

“The dual diagnosis programming that Rogers offers is so impressive, and it was far beyond my expectations,” Annette says. “I am so happy to say that my experience at Rogers has not only changed, but truly saved my life. The therapists, nurses, and doctor I was blessed to work with in treatment were amazing beyond my dreams.

"They were in tune to our needs and amazing with the group. Each and every one of the staff members at Herrington in West Allis and Brown Deer inpatient should be able to have bragging rights of how many lives they’ve saved through their hard work and dedication.”

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