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First Brownbag series highlights inpatient protocol results

09/19/18 06:16:pm

Rogers held its very first Data Watch event in the form of the September 7 Brownbag Series presentation, which featured speakers Brad Riemann, PhD; Brenda Bailey, PhD; and Heather Jones, PhD.

This session covered the background and development of the Inpatient Protocol, Oconomowoc Adult Inpatient outcomes data, and Oconomowoc Adult General Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program outcomes data.

A key takeaway for the talk is that early data is proving the effectiveness of the inpatient protocol—a standardization of treatment across programs and locations to ensure a higher quality of patient safety and engagement—which has been tested in mental health and addiction inpatient programs in Oconomowoc and West Allis. The protocol will also spread to Brown Deer at the end of September.

Key clinical outcomes:

Adult Inpatient Mental Health (Oconomowoc)

ocon adult inpatient mental health qids.PNG

Adult Inpatient Addiction (Oconomowoc)

adult inpatient addiction qids.PNG

Adult Inpatient Press Ganey Scores

press ganey ocon adult inpatient all.PNG

The next event in the Data Watch Brownbag Series is scheduled to be held on October 5 and features Nicholas Farrell, PhD, as a speaker.

Check out the Data Watch news post for the event to download a pdf of the presentation or to view a video of the talk.

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