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Employees can now utilize the new Wellness Day

08/10/22 11:05:am

With the start of the new fiscal year that began August 1, Rogers teammates are now able to utilize the new Wellness Day.

Included as part of Holiday benefits, the Wellness Day is a new initiative to support employee well-being. It is a paid day off to provide time to promote self-care and resilience.

“The behavioral health of our employees is paramount, as the focus of our work is the behavioral health of our patients,” says Brian Kramer, vice president, Human Resources. “We seek to offer a work environment that supports employee well-being, and we encourage employees to use the Wellness Day to create space and time for your own renewal.”

wellness_tn.jpgWhat that looks like is up to you. Hiking, time with family or friends, gardening, reading all day, time outside, volunteering, a retreat day…whatever supports your ability to recharge.

“Spending time by myself would be so rewarding,” says Caroline Bonilla, a therapist in West Allis. “I could spend time reading or getting a massage or playing nine holes.”

Tyra Gutschow, a behavioral specialist in Sheboygan, is also looking forward to the day, as she says she’s been passionate about health and wellness since her early teens.

“When working in this field and caring for others’ health and well-being, it can be difficult to take a step back and remember to care for ourselves,” she says. “By having this day off to implement our own self-care and wellness activities, we as employees will be able to better serve our Rogers community! I am excited to use this day to take care of myself emotionally and physically.”

How to sign up for your Wellness Day

Make your plan! All eligible employees (.5 - 1.0 FTE) have until December 31, 2022 to enjoy a Wellness Day during 2022.

The Wellness Day and Floating Holiday are not tied to specific dates, but employees are encouraged to take this time since the days expire at the end of each calendar year. These two holidays will be renewed during the first full pay period in January of 2023.

To request your day:

  • Select Wellness Day from the paid time options in Kronos Request Manager.
  • Your supervisor will need to approve the time.
  • Wellness Day can be scheduled in time increments based on your FTE:

          0.9 – 1.0 FTE employees receive eight hours of pay

          0.5 - .89 FTE employee receive four hours of pay

  • The Wellness Day and Floating Holiday are available to eligible employees upon hire.

The addition of the Wellness Day brings our holiday benefit schedule to eight days: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the new Wellness Day, and the Floating Holiday. The Floating Holiday was added in 2020 to provide opportunities to celebrate holidays or attend cultural events that are meaningful to you.

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