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Employee self-reviews due May 31

05/21/21 11:40:am


Employees are asked to complete their self-reviews by Monday, May 31. The review is designed to encourage team members and managers to reflect on their actions over the past year, make any needed improvements, and plan for future growth.

When logging into the Rogers Learning and Performance Portal, employees should select the “Performance” tab and then click “Performance Reviews.” The “My Tasks” tab also has a link to any outstanding assignments, including reviews. For the best experience, employees are encouraged to use Google Chrome to complete their performance reviews.

Following self-reviews, the next step is manager review, discussion, and verification, which will take place from Tuesday, June 1 to Saturday, July 31.

Upon manager completion of the discussion and verification step, employee verification is due by Saturday, July 31.

More information on the annual performance review process, including a step-by-step with screenshots of what needs to be completed, can be found in standard work documents on the Intranet.

Contact Talent Development with any questions by emailing TD_Support@rogersbh.org or calling 414-539-3060 (or ext. 3060).

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