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Employee Engagement Pulse Survey results highlight team commitment to our Mission, paths for improvement

04/20/22 05:42:pm

Results from November’s employee engagement pulse survey indicate that Rogers encourages strong teamwork and collaboration and that employees are satisfied with their relationships with co-workers and managers.

Participation in the 33-question survey was strong at 81% with 2,161 employees responding. The percent of positive responses was 69% compared to 74% the year prior.

According to our partners at Mercer, the company that administers the confidential survey and benchmarks Rogers with other employees, this kind of decline is being experienced in other healthcare settings and is attributed to the significant toll that the pandemic has taken on employees and their families.

“The pandemic has impacted most organization across the country, and Rogers is no different,” says Brian Kramer, vice president, Human Resources. “Our teams continue to provide quality care in challenging environments. Wearing a mask and eye protection throughout their shifts and working with patients, who are also masking, presents different challenges.”

Still, Rogers’ survey participants reported numerous strengths for the System, including our employees’ willingness to go above and beyond to help the organization succeed.

employeeSurvey_tn.jpgJacqueline Freeman, manager of Patient Financial Services, found this to be the case when reviewing the survey results with her team.

“It has been a trying few years during the pandemic,” she says. “I think the surveys are reflecting that communication is challenging and it’s critical to stay connected and create intentional connection points within our teams. I’m proud that my team feels 100% they are willing to go above and beyond to help the organization succeed.”

In total, 86% of respondents across the System indicated that they are willing to go the extra mile to help our patients and make Rogers successful. In addition to this, the following areas received highly positive responses:

  • Strong teamwork and collaboration are encouraged. There is a high level of support from co-workers who are caring and compassionate.
  • There is overall satisfaction with co-workers and manager and most say you have a friend at work.
  • Rogers is ethical and leadership is committed to safety.
  • Rogers actively supports Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and Rogers managers value diverse ideas.

Some of the key areas that have been identified as opportunities for improvement include:

  • Process for reporting medication errors
  • How to best de-escalate patient situations
  • Competitive pay in the various markets we serve patients
  • Understanding of employee challenges and workload due to staffing concerns

The pulse survey represents a point in time, and as we approach our full annual employee engagement survey period in June, Rogers encourage you and your teams to actively discuss the opportunities that are in your span of control.

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