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Empathetic care of Rogers professional counselor in training helps her serve as a role model

10/18/19 03:50:pm

Rogers professional counselor in training Emily Giles received this quarters inspire award for her compassionate care.

Pat Hammer, president and CEO, chooses each inspire aware recipient based on Daymaker recognitions. Pat picks those who have exemplified the Rogers mission and values, and they are awarded a certificate, Daymaker Inspire badge, and 5,000 Daymaker points.

Emily was originally recognized on the Daymaker platform by one of her co-workers, which you can see below.

“Thank you, Emily, for the opportunity of being part of a family session for a patient and her parents. Your knowledge, empathy, and compassion were stellar. I have always found you to go above and beyond for the patients you serve. You display loving kindness and compassion; the hallmark of a social worker who cares from the inside out. You are a role model for caring compassion and the treatment of patients in need. Thank you for being such an exemplary team member and human being. I am grateful for you.” ~Jean Pruscha

Emily says that she feels “very honored to receive the Inspire award.”

“The patients we serve mean a lot to me and I am honored to be part of their recovery journey,” she says. “As a social worker on the inpatient unit, we often work with the patient’s most difficult parts while they are stabilizing from a crisis. It can feel discouraging when the caseload is very acute or has many environmental stressors. This award is a reminder to me that even when our work is stressful, we can be the hope for each other as a team and remind each other that we are making a difference in our patients lives and we can encourage our patients that there is hope in treatment and they are courageous for seeking help.”

Inspire awards are given out based on these Daymaker recognitions. Visit Daymaker to show your gratitude for your fellow team members.

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