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Depression, DBT, and Addiction training manuals coming soon to Rogers system

07/25/18 06:56:pm

depressioncover_2.jpgTraining materials on depression, addiction, and DBT are being prepared for use across the Rogers system, in order to provide the best clinical practice. The purpose is to create a consistent standard for treatment throughout the system across all levels of care, as part of the Clinical Care Model. 

So far, the depression manual has been completed and is in use in Oconomowoc and West Allis inpatient, and the Oconomowoc general mental health partial hospitalization program.

Dr. Brad Riemann, chief clinical officer, says that the manual will eventually spread to every level of care and program at each location. The manuals on addiction and DBT are expected to be completed this fall.

The depression manual has already had positive effects where it’s in place, helping to improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, reduce suicide risk, and increasing staff satisfaction and engagement. Dr. Riemann says he is eager for the implementation of the other two.

“We really are leading the way in this crusade to improve patients’ lives dealing with addiction and behavioral health issues,” Dr. Riemann says.

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